4711 Original Eau De Cologne Review


4711 Original Eau De Cologne

Reviewed by Jason Bergin

I was eager to review this cologne as I read it had positive effect on your mind and body, I have been suffering with anxiety for a while and was interested to see if this would work to aid that.

The cologne arrived quickly and was well packed in bubble wrap to protect it. Upon opening I did not think the box looked that exciting and seemed pretty dull but I liked the look of the bottle.

I was unsure of the scent when I opened the bottle but once I applied it had a nice clean smell. Once applied it lasted all day without needing to be reapplied even when I was working 8 hours in a bakery, I could still smell it on my skin when I got home. People stopped to asking me a few times what I was wearing, so it seemed others could smell it as well.

The box says to splash the cologne unto your hands and breathe in and out, which I did and it helped to make me feel relaxed.

Overall I felt the cologne was good value, you only need a small amount to last a long time and it is a product I would recommend to friends and buy again.

I would give the cologne 4/5 as I feel the box let it down slightly.

Rating: 4/5

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