Accused Series 2 Review


Series 2

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Olivia Coleman, Robert Sheehan, Sheridan Smith, John Bishop, Sean Bean
Created by: Jimmy McGovern
Directors: David Blair and Ashley Pearce
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 236 minutes
Release Date: 19 August 2013
RRP: £19.99

Jimmy McGovern’s Accused Series 2 is a BAFTA Award winning emotionally charged crime drama series made up of 4 individual stories: Mo’s Story, Stephen’s Story, Tracie’s Story, Tina’s Story.

Episode 1: Mo’s Story a local gang has told shop owners in the area not to open their shops or face the consequences. Mo Murray (Anne Marie Duff) refuses which results in her friend Sue Brown’s (Olivia Coleman) being shot and killed as punishment. As things become unravelled, the truth is known and puts friendships on the line and ruins 2 families’ lives.

Episode 2: Stephen’s Story Stephen (Robert Sheehan) is finding it hard to cope after the death of his mum especially when his dad (John Bishop) starts to date the nurse (Sheridan Smith) who was looking after her. He starts to think that people are talking to him through the TV which results in an attempted murder.

Episode 3: Tracie’s Story – Simon (Sean Bean) is an English teacher by day but a transvestite called Tracie at night. After meeting Tony (Stephen Graham) he falls in love with him. When he finds out an uncomfortable truth about Tony things go badly wrong and he ends up in court on a murder charge.

Episode 4: Tina’s Story – Tina (Anna Maxwell Martin) is a prison officer. A new prisoner (Robert Sheehan, episode 2) is found dead in his she tries to cover for a fellow officer’s mistake. Once she finally decides to tell the truth things get out of control leading to her rape by a prisoner to eventually letting a prisoner escape which sees her end up in court.

Overall, these are 4 great stories. All are extremely well written and acted. They all feature violent crime but you only find out what the accused are in court for near the end but are they guilty?

A hard hitting drama that is great to watch with some great British talent.

This is definitely a must have for your DVD collection.

Rating: 5/5

Available to buy from Acorn Media UK here.

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