Adults Christmas Gift Guide 2013 Part 3


Adult’s Review Gift Guide

Here are some Christmas Gift inspiration for Adults.
All these items have all been reviewed by us.  





Body Jools Re-useable Glitter Tattoos

Our reviewer said  that the design is beautiful and very sparkly and well-made but in their opinion they are better with just one wear, maybe if you didn't remove it overnight it would last longer, like a festival or weekend away with the girls.

Read our full reviews here and here.

RRP £4.99.

Available to buy from Amirose Cosmetics here.






Moustache Pencil Box

Our reviewer said that the moustache is painted black and looks very striking. It is a perfect box to keep on a desk as it looks stylish but is also very practical.

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RRP £12.99

Available to buy from Cargo Home Shop here.


Personalised Sporting Words Picture

Our reviewer said that the company did a terrific job with the picture and Norman is absolutely delighted with his one if a kind word picture. The names and club name are all printed clearly and in different shades of red in different sized fonts. It really does look superb!

Read our full review here.

Cost from £10-18 depending on options chosen.

Available to buy from Make the Most Of here.







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