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Review by Jo Knox

I have been given the opportunity to review some DIY products from the Aldi range. I had the following products to review:

300w Multifunction Tool £19.99
Double Drive Ratcheting Screwdriver £12.99
Thermal Winter Work Gloves £3.99

300w Multifunction Tool £19.99
It came in a black plastic carry case which was moulded inside to hold the tool secure. It has the functions to sand, saw, scrape and cut. The tool handle itself requires assembly depending on which function you want to use. There is an easy to follow instruction manual with illustrations. The device itself was quite heavy for a small piece of equipment. It had a soft handle grip but I felt it was missing something that would make it non slip.

I tested the grinding function which is easy to assemble with one simple screw attaching the grinding plate to the tool itself using an Allen screw head and wrench. The grinding paper was Velcro and just attached itself onto the grinding plate. The grinding paper was different thickness so I used the thickest. I tested this on a wooden footstool and it was easy to use. There was a little bit of vibration from the handle. However, it sanded the stood with ease and left a smooth finish. It was particularly good in shape to get into the corners. I would comment that it was very loud for what is a relatively small tool.

I also tested the cutting function using the segment saw blade. This is good for more intricate small jobs such as door mouldings as the blade will only go a certain depth but it did cut through MDF with ease but I am unable to say how long the blade would stay sharp for. The outer packaging shows that this can be used to cut skirting boards so you can tuck your laminate underneath. I would definitely use it for that to get a nice finish.


The tool has a saw function and the blade can be positioned to suit the job at hand and again was able to cut through MDF so would be ideal for those harder to reach jobs and would help me with my laminate floor job referred to above. The scrape tool is for use such as removing adhesive from tiled walls. I was unable to test this function as I didn’t have an appropriate job for this tool.

Overall, this is a handy tool to have around the house and will be useful for many smaller jobs. It is reasonable priced bearing in mind is flexible functionality. There are accessory kits available for this tool in store as well.

Double Drive Ratcheting Screwdriver £12.99
The ratchet itself came in packaging which allows the purchaser test the double drive. Basically, this means that the tool will do double the work of a conventional screwdriver. I would say though that there are two zip ties which hold the tool into the outer packaging which were extremely difficult to get off to release the screwdriver itself. My husband had to use a cutting tool from the garage to do this as it was so awkward.

The ratchet itself has a rubber grip handle to ensure no slippage and it feels quite heavy which indicates to me a quality product. There is the ability to have the screw turn to the right or to the left and it was enough to change the direction on the handpiece itself.


The ratchet comes accompanied with 6 different bit sets to include Slotted; Phillips; Pozidrive; Hex; Torx and Torx Tamper. These were in different colour, circular rubber ‘stands’ which you can either keep in a plastic pole from the original packaging or take these off to store separately.

I found this tool really useful as someone who struggles with strength in my arms, this did most of the work for me.

Thermal Winter Work Gloves £3.99
These gloves were cream with a light grey cuff and half strip on the fingers on the back of the hand. I would say they are meant for men as the hand size of these is quite big. The outside material is a soft leather and this makes them very flexible to wear. In addition, this means that they have a good grip. Inside, the material is a 3M Thinsulate lining which is really soft and comfortable. It certainly keeps your hands warm and you can feel the warmth as soon as you put these on. These gloves feel like they are high quality.


Overall, I would give the above items from the Aldi DIY range a 3/5.

Rating: 3/5

This range of DIY tools will be available in Aldi stores nationwide as a Specialbuys event from 15 October 2015. For more information or to find your nearest Aldi store visit

3 Star

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