Allergy Kids Wristbands Review


Allergy Kids Wristbands

Reviewed by Louisa Nashir

I was recently asked to review 2 wristbands from the Allergy Kids range.


I chose the 'I Have Autism' & 'I Have Asthma' band as my daughter Kate has both.

Upon arrival the bands were presented in clear cellophane packets with the band names on the front along with the Allergy Kids name and website address. The Autism Band has the name My Jiggy and the Asthma one was called Puffey.

I loved the idea of naming the bands as it gave them character and made them fun.

The bright and colourful colours on these bands were very eye-catching and the logos were an excellent idea.

My only gripe is the band could do with a space for a contact number for the child wearing it. My daughter went missing once before and since that day she has had a Medi ID bracelet with our details on and also her conditions.

I showed a friend who has a son with 12 different allergies and she thought they were an excellent idea but said the range could do with including a dust mite allergy as it's a fairly common allergy.

Having a child with any condition is tough but as Autism is usually an 'invisible' illness it is tough to spot, hopefully with the I Have Autism band it will help people to understand that Kate isn't naughty or out of control in fact she cannot help the way she acts and maybe give her a chance before judging her behaviour.

The bands are super easy to pop on with the press stud but also bright, colourful and informative.

These bands will be used by our daughter daily and I cannot wait to see her face when she returns home from school.

A fantastic product which is fairly priced and invaluable to our children.

Rating: 5/5

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