An Audience with Martin Kemp at Buxton Opera House Review


MartinKempAn Audience with
Martin Kemp
Buxton Opera House

28 May 2016

Reviewed by Debbie Lowndes

My husband and I arrived at the Buxton Opera House just after 7pm. We reported to the box office to collect our tickets. There was no queue as it is quite a small theatre. The staff within the box office are efficient, friendly and most helpful. The entrance staff asked our seat numbers and directed us accordingly. Prior to taking our seat we decided we needed to use the public convenience. These were well signposted, well stocked, very clean and hygienic. There are limited toilets which can be busy during intervals. As we had arrived in good time we decided to have a quick drink within the bar area prior to taking our seat. I had a vodka and tonic and my husband and I had a pint of shandy. The drinks were reasonably priced. The bar area also sold hot drinks, sweets, crisps and nuts. Drinks and snacks also appeared to be reasonably priced.

We took our seats ready for the show to commence. On the stage was a table and two tub chairs. A lady came onto the stage and advised that it was an evening with Martin Kemp. She then requested that Martin join her on stage.

Martin arrived to a large cheer, the audience was excited. Martin gave a small introduction and then the lady proceeded to interview him. He opened the interview by talking about his early childhood years and how he came to end up going to drama school. He first acting role. He then proceeded to talk about Christmas and his family when he was a young child. He spoke about his work as an apprentice.

How he became part of a band. The band obviously being Spandau Ballet!!! He explained about his romantic marriage ceremony in the Caribbean to Shirley. He spoke about is acting career and films that he had participated in.

He explained a scary point within his life where he was held at gunpoint whilst acting. It was an interesting interview and he made reference to opening windows within his career and how advised how he made use of these windows. One window led him to Spandau Ballet, one window led to him to be involved in the film The Krays. He provided detail in relation to the filming of The Krays. He advised that he had one large regret and this was not standing up in court to support his brother in the court case with Spandau Ballet.

He spoke very highly of George Michael and how much he admires, respects him and what get friends they are. He was very open and honest throughout the interview. There were funny and humorous moments all the way through the interview. There were touching spells within the interview, such as when he spoke of his father.

It brought a tear to my eye when he was talking about is brain tumour. He pointed out how and where this was spotted. He then discussed in great detail when him and Shirley met with the consultant and the news they were given. He then went on to explain how Shirley and George Michael worked very hard to source the relevant treatment to allow for his final tumour to be removed. He then went on to explain the depression, low moods and financial problems he experienced whilst being treated and recovering from the tumour. He pointed out following treatment and recovery another window yet again became available and he took advantage of this window which led him to EastEnders. He then went on to explain how he was written out of EastEnders and he obviously spoke about his time whilst on EastEnders.

I found the interview very interesting. He was completely honest, at times emotional and humorous. Throughout the interview he displayed lots of emotions. He seemed a genuine friendly character. He has an added benefit too, this being that he very easy on the eye.

The first half of the came to a close. At the interval we went to the bar and purchased another drink. Ice creams were being sold within the theatre. After the 15 minute interval their performance resumed.

The second half gave the audience the chance to put forward questions for Martin to answer.

We had a great night and I would recommend this show to any fans of Martin Kemp. Or simply anyone interested in learning more about Martin Kemp. I would rate the show as 4 out of 5 stars and the theatre itself 4.5 out of 5.

Rating: 4.5/5

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4 half Star

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