Andrew Barton Backcombing Brush Review


AndrewBartonBackcombingBrushAndrew Barton Backcombing Brush

Reviewed by Jen Jarvis

I’m new to backcombing as I’ve always been a bit nervous of getting my hair all knotty, and not knowing really what I’m doing, but this was actually very easy to use once I found some video tutorials on YouTube. Even better, the Strictly No Knots Detangling Comb I also have eased it all out super quick, although the brush itself was also quite good at getting my hair back to normal.

It would have been good to have some tutorials on their website as I assumed there would be a ‘how to’ on there as the web address was on the packaging, but it didn’t take long to find some on YouTube.

Overall though, I really like it. Like the comb, its small and easy to pack away into a small-ish bag so will be very useful for making my hair a bit more interesting for a night or trying out some hair ups for when I’m performing at gigs and need slightly more glamorous hair!

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £4

Available to buy from Asda in-store or online here.

4 Star

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