Andrew Barton Brunette Bun Donut Review


BrunetteDonutAndrew Barton Brunette Bun Donut

Reviewed by Helen and Lottie Whetton

I asked my daughter to help me to review the Bun Donut from Andrew Barton, as she buys and uses far more hair products than myself.

On first impressions we really liked this donut. The packaging was great, you could see the whole product without having to undo the packaging (shops don’t like you doing this). The packaging was simple and didn’t promise anything but a brunette bun donut.

The instructions on the back of the packaging were simple and easy to follow, they included pictures which a lot of people find easier to follow.

We really liked the look and feel of the donut it was far superior than the nylon ones on the market. The donut is lovely and thick with really nice good quality faux hair, it has a good stretch so it will suit any thickness of ponytail. My daughter wore it on and off for a few days and said it felt safe and secure and because of the faux hair it looked really nice. It was easy to use even if you were in a rush and if you had thin hair the faux hair would blend in really well.  The only issue she had was she could feel the joint in the bun and the first few times she wore it, it felt slightly strange, but the more she wore it the more she got used to it. You do need to squeeze it back into shape after each use to help retain the elasticity and shape.

I asked my daughter if she had a choice would she buy this product again? She replied with a definite yes.

Rating: 4/5

Available to buy from Asda in-store or online at

4 Star

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