AnimAlarm Dog Duvet Review


DogDuvet1AnimAlarm Dog Duvet

Reviewed by Lucy Ibbotson

To say I was looking forward to reviewing The AnimAlarm Dog Duvet (Size: Medium, Colour: Lynx) was an understatement.

I have 2 very cuddly and fluffy dogs who love to be snuggly and warm. I almost hadn’t taken the duvet out of the very secure packaging before they were desperate to investigate their new duvet. No sooner had I put the duvet on the floor in their favourite place than they were both padding their paws all over it and had snuggled down to sleep.

The duvet was large enough (medium) to fit both dogs (Cockapoo and Mini Labradoodle) and appears to be constructed of very hard wearing but soft material. The duvet itself comes in 3 sizes (small, medium and large) and 3 different covers (Black Cow, Lynx and Wildebeest) so there’s a good choice and they will match most home decoration.

What I loved most about the duvet was that the cover and inner are completely removable and machine washable and it can be sealed up again with Velcro. The duvet is double sided so can be used on either side. My dogs are using this as a bed rather than a duvet but as it’s of 10.5 tog duvet thickness it can easily be used as either/or.


Both dogs love the duvet and I can usually find them there if they’re not at my feet. With an RRP of £35 this medium duvet is excellent value for money and is hard wearing so expected to last some time. I would recommend this duvet to other dog owners, it’s easy to clean, comfy and the choice of size and colours is great. The Dog Duvets are designed and made in the UK.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £28 to £45 (depending on size)

Available to buy from AnimAlarm here.


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