Art of Football Sheffield United Print Review


Reviewed by Jenny Seymour

Struggling for Christmas gift inspiration? The Art of Football has some fabulous products which capture those momentous occasions in your football club’s history. A must for any football fan.

I actually received an A4 print, Cut Above the Rest, (A3 and A2 sizes are also available), rather than a piece of stylish leisure wear that Art of Football are also known for. It is of great quality and captures the moment that Sheffield United Billy Sharp knew that, not only had they won the League One title last season, but they had done that with 100 points – the Centurions! I’m actually a Liverpool fan, but both of my sons are die-hard Blades. Given the dire previous seasons’ performances, it was great to see my son be able to relish a moment in his beloved Blades history. I was beginning to think that he was set for a lifetime of midtable mediocrity and no silverware, but last season everyone at SUFC proved me wrong. I love to go to watch the matches with my boys and what better gift at Christmas than to give them a print of the memory we all have of that specific moment at the end of the match when they knew they had achieved automatic promotion in such an emphatic way.

Of course, you can buy other items from the official football club shops, but I believe they are very much over-priced, a captive market! And of course, you get to a certain age where wearing the full kit or having a poster up on your wall isn’t exactly “cool”. Whereas here, the Art of Football bring a new dynamic to football gifts and enable you to buy a stylish and more unique gift which any football fan would be proud to have displayed on their bedroom wall.

What I also loved about Art of Football’s range, is that there is something for almost every fan of every football club worldwide. Quite often, I tend to find that there is a huge range of products out there for the main Premier League clubs, but I struggle to find anywhere (other than the over-priced club shops I mentioned earlier) that sells products for the lower league clubs. This wasn’t a problem for Art of Football. When I told them the club I had in mind, they came up with one of the most momentous moments in the club’s recent history and it did not disappoint. The design and art overlay over the original photograph gives the print a vibrancy that an ordinary photo may not. Again, it is of the upmost quality and design.

You can even have your own hand in designing your t-shirt by choosing the players you want represented (for example, in the “50 years of hurt” England t-shirt).

Whilst the name of the company suggests they only produce football gifts, this isn’t the case. They have also branched out into other sports, for example rugby.

Finally, if you do want to buy something from the Art of Football as a gift this Christmas, one helpful touch on their website is to include a chart of the Royal Mail last delivery dates to get your items on time to be wrapped up under the tree for Christmas.

With prices for prints starting at just £9.99 and prices for t-shirts at £14.99, the Art of Football provides a great value gift or stocking filler.

A lot of thought has gone into the packaging of the Art of Football products. The print arrives in a sturdy “do not bend” envelope and inside is a further vintage football printed bag, which is very stylish – a joy to unwrap! The print therefore was very protected and arrived in great condition.

Stylish mementos for any football fan – a must-buy unique gift at great prices.

Rating: 5/5

Prices from £9.99 unframed / £24.99 framed

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