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asdaAsda Christmas Food

Reviewed by Susan Haigh

Christmas came early to our house when we were asked to review some of Asda’s festive treats. As a self-confessed Christmas-aholic who would happily eat mince pies all year round, it was a task I was very much looking forward to!

We received:

Asda Extra Special 4 Puff Pastry Mince Pies, 4 pack
Asda Chosen By You Chocolate Gold Coins
Asda Chosen By You Strawberry Flavour Candy Canes
Asda Christmas Chocolate Lollies

First on the menu were the Extra Special Puff Pastry Mince Pies. I don’t normally eat mince pies warm but the packet suggested I should, so into the oven they went. Ten minutes later my kitchen was filled with that wonderful festive smell. The mince pies themselves looked very appetising. Slightly larger than your average pie, they are made of puff pastry – rather than the more common shortcrust – and I thought they were delicious. I didn’t eat them all myself and shared them with family who were staying for the weekend. We all liked the buttery flaky pastry and the crunch of the sugar sprinkled on top. The pies were well filled and the mincemeat had just the right amount of spices and sweetness. Personally I would have liked the filling to be a bit more defined – it seemed a bit too “blended” for want of a better word, but that’s a very small point. They were certainly the best mince pies I’ve tasted this year and I’ll be adding them to my trolley when I do the Christmas food shop.

We also tried the Chosen by you Lebkuchen selection. This is an array of traditional German spiced cakes and biscuits, some coated in chocolate and icing. I’ve never tried Lebkuchen before and was pleasantly surprised. They are bite-sized and despite some of them being described as biscuits, have a very soft cake-like texture. You can taste the cinnamon, nutmeg and other seasonal spices coming through but they’re not overwhelming. The plain lebkuchen are not that sweet so the ones with the added icing or chocolate tended to be my favourite. I had to fight for those ones with my toddler who particularly liked the miniature star and heart-shaped ones. In fact, any of the treats in this selection would be great for children as they’re more interesting than your average biscuit, they look pretty and aren’t big enough to fill up tiny tummies before their next meal. Really lovely.


We also sampled ASDA’s Chosen By You Strawberry Flavour Candy Canes and chocolate lollies which were a lovely sweet treat. The candy canes will look great on my tree when it goes up in a few weeks’ time.

ASDA’s Chosen By You Chocolate Gold Coins were also a winner. Nice, creamy milk chocolate and chunky, big coins – definitely not being short-changed here!

Thank you Asda.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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