Azoomee App Review


Reviewed by Amanda Hayes

Easily downloadable for iOS or Android, Azoomee is a safe but exciting app for primary age children backed by the NSPCC. Predominantly targeted for age 5 to 9 and with parental control Azoomee gives young children a way to watch and play games on a tablet without being in the great unknown on the likes of YouTube on the wider internet. It doesn’t have any in app purchases, which is a great relief to me, and there are not any annoying adverts so you can be assured your child isn’t running up huge bills whilst they are playing games.

To get you started Azoomee offers you a 7 day free trial, followed by a choice of monthly subscription at £4.99, 6 months at £24.96 or 12 months at £39.99. Whichever you choose it can be cancelled at any time without penalty something else to give you peace of mind should your child not use it anymore. However I don’t think your child could get bored of this platform with over 1000 things to see and do and with new content being uploaded every week.

It is easy to set up by creating a profile for each of your children so they have age appropriate content shown when they log on as themselves. You then get a screen showing a choice of icons relating to watching, playing, listening, pair of headphones for example, creating sharing or chatting. Clicking one of these icons takes you into a very large selection of things to see and do under each heading. There is so much content that sometimes it took a while to download but I assume that’s my slow wifi connection. Scroll down and within playing you will find a huge selection of games, within watching hundreds of TV shows, within listen lots of audiobooks and my personal favourite create under which you will find the art studio and lots of things to do. The create items were fantastic as they were totally age appropriate, making little piggy’s out of stones from the garden for example and you can pause and re-watch as you need to. The instructions were clear and the language suitable for primary age children making them a great idea for a rainy day. My son also loved the art studio where he could draw and paint on the screen and add shapes and glitter to create pictures.

There is also a talk & share which you can use to talk or write to friends and family but we didn’t try that as my son is too young, seems like a good idea though.

The one downside is that you can’t download anything so if you are halfway through watching a programme and you need to get in the car or want to take it on a flight you would need another source of entertainment as Azoomee won’t work offline. From my sons perspective, the one thing he complained about was the content range being so large that he couldn’t always find the same thing twice if he wanted to see it again. He soon found something else that interested him though so it wasn’t a major problem.

Azoomee is a great affordable app with hundreds of hours of content in a safe environment. Whilst I discourage my son from hours of gaming or tv watching the audio books and create tutorials give him plenty of educational opportunities within one easy platform. I recommend you download this app and try it for yourself using the free 7 day trial as I am convinced that you won’t be disappointed and will find the subscription service great value for money.

Rating: 5/5

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