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B Kids Ducky SpoutDucky Spout


Reviewed by Katy Webster

The B Kids Ducky Spout is a bath toy designed to stick to the wall and have water poured into the duck’s head, and it pours out on to the duck’s feet (a wheel or a sprinkler). It comes with two little scoops for transferring the water up to the duck’s head. The scoops can also be hung from the duck’s wings. The toy is made from sturdy and bright plastic, which endures a toddler and a baby grabbing it very well! The suction cup on the back is pretty strong and keeps it secured to a tiled wall or the bath.

My two boys really enjoyed playing with the Ducky Spout, especially just the idea of pouring water on to something to make the parts move. The duck’s head is supposed to tilt to either left or right when you pour water into it, but it doesn’t seem to work very well – the head doesn’t seem to be weighted enough by the water, or the water just overflows and goes down the front of the toy. However, this did not bother the children and they liked it regardless! My 10 month old loved playing with the water scoops, watching the water dripping out, and my 3 year old liked the duck’s “cute face”!

The quality of this bath toy is very good; however I was a little bit disappointed that the tilting head didn’t seem to work as well as it could have. However, I would recommend the B Kids brand to others, and would be keen to try out more of their toys. The Ducky Spout is a very affordable toy so it doesn’t seem like a travesty that it didn’t work 100%, and the kids loved it nevertheless!

Rating: 3.5/ 5

RRP: £8.99

Suitable for age 12 months +

For more information visit www.bkids.co.uk.

Available to buy from Amazon here.

3 half Star

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