Babies All Wrapped Up by Dr Claire Winstanley Review


Reviewed by Kerri Chard

Bristol-based GP Dr Claire Winslanley’s all-encompassing parent and baby book is aimed at first time parents. ‘Babies All Wrapped Up’ is full of information and ideas for your baby, yourself, your relationship, medical problems both for the mother and baby and even a ‘how-to’ baby proof your home. With the help of midwives, health visitors, paediatric nurses and paediatricians, Dr Claire Winstanley offers a wide variety of guidance – and choices – to ensure a happy, healthy baby and a wonderful experience. It contains a perfect balance of invaluable tips and professional advice.

Most pregnant women will agree with me when I say that there are plenty or people in your life that have had children before you  that are ready to offer up advice and share their experiences at the drop of a hat – asked or not – and although it is lovely to have such enthusiasm and guidance on hand from the people you know and love, in reality, what you really need is a blooming good book to give you every single detail can you possibly think of and most likely have not thought of yet to arm you with as much information as possible and really put your mind at ease about the exciting but also very scary adventure of having your first baby.

I started reading Babies All Wrapped Up as soon as it arrived through the post. The first thing I noticed was how much is covered within the pages. The comprehensive detailed Contents span 10 pages, and although I planned on reading the book from cover to cover, since completing the book I am very glad to have the detailed contents laid out so that it is easy to jump to very particular sections quickly. The book is extremely easy to read and I found that once I started I couldn’t stop. It was really nice to have so much great educational information in my hand and I especially enjoy the tone of the advice which is suggestive rather than lecturing. I also found it really sympathetic to have sections written specifically for dads-to-be. It really comes across that the book is written by a professional that has personal experience as well as training. On completing Babies All Wrapped Up I can honestly say that I feet 100% more confident about becoming a mum and truly prepared to tackle the adventure and any challenges that may arise. This book is coming everywhere with me.

Claire and friends have accomplished what I think is the perfect book for first time parents. Forget trawling the vast and endless amounts of information available online, it is all tucked up neatly in this handy book for you. Now relax and enjoy the experience of pregnancy and the adventure of parenthood.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

Available to buy from Amazon here.


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