BabyLit Little Miss Bronte Jane Eyre Review


Little Miss Bronte Jane Eyre
by Jennifer Adams

Reviewed by Joanne Watson

As a teacher, I love reading books with children and especially love sharing books with my young twins, so this title really caught my eye! However I was expecting it to be a children’s version of the classic Jane Eyre story, but instead it is a counting book. That isn’t obvious from the front cover, and the only way you would know is by a very small dark subtitle at the side. However my children love counting books, so I was still excited to share it with them.

The book is good quality, with sturdy thick pages, perfect for little hands.

As we turned the pages, we looked at the numbers on the left and counted the objects on the right. The language however is well beyond my toddlers vocabulary, with words such as ‘governess’, ‘trunks’ and ‘chalkboards’ and the pictures are extremely dark. As an adult, I can really appreciate the beauty in the pictures, but young children need bright colourful pictures to hold their attention, and this book failed to hold their attention for very long at all.

I think the idea behind the book is an excellent one. I love the idea of introducing young children to classic literature, but I’m not sure this book does the job. My children haven’t really picked this book up since, preferring their usual board books.

All this said, I would be interested to have a look at another one of these, maybe one with slightly brighter pictures.

RRP: £5.99

Rating: 2/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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