Bach Rescue Lip Balm Review


BachRescueLipBalmBach Rescue Lip Balm

Reviewed by Laura Fairbairn

In all honesty, there is nothing that I do not like about this product! Amazing!

Upon receiving this product my first impression was literally ‘Oh, that’s so cute!’ … and it is!

The outer packaging is a lovely yellow colour that instantly made me think of sunflowers and daffodils. It is very clearly labelled with the name and weight of the product, the ingredients, directions for application, storage instructions as well as the address and website for company. An added touch, on the back of the box, is a description of the benefits of the balm – including the note that it can be ‘applied to the temples to sooth and relax’.

I was very pleasantly surprised by the actual container as it looks as though it has come straight off a fancy make-up counter. The glass base and plastic lid are simple in design and with ‘Rescue’ printed on the top it creates an impression of confidence.

The balm has a clean smell that reminds me of honey and flowers. It is a fresh aroma that smells natural rather than the sickly synthetic smells sometimes found with other lip balms.

Bach Rescue Balm is very easy to apply and feels smooth and definitely NOT sticky!

I suffer quite badly with dry lips and find that, all too often, my lips are chapped. Within half an hour of my first application of this product I was delighted to find that my lips were really soft and smooth – all trace of dry skin had disappeared! Even better, this effect lasted and didn’t reverse as soon as the balm wore off and my lips remained lovely and smooth all day. All this after just one application!

I suffer, at times, from tension headaches. Having had such good results from using the balm on my lips, I decided to try Bach’s suggestion of using it on my temples. This turned out to be a good idea as the combination of the balm being massaged in and the soothing smells was very calming and relaxing which obviously helped to ease the headache symptoms.

The directions suggest that the balm be applied generously, but to be honest, I found that a little goes quite a long way which is great!

I cannot wait to try some of the other products and this one definitely deserves a 5/5!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £5.88

Available to buy from Nelsons Natural World here.


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