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morrisonsBaking with Morrisons

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

I love baking so was thrilled when asked to review some of Morrisons baking products, they arrived quickly and well packed.

I was also asked to bake with a group of children, so I went to a charity that is very close to my heart, which has children of all ages.

I was given:

M Plain Flour 1.5Kg £1.09
M self Raising Floor £1.09
Cupcake Baking Tray
M Fairy Cake Cases 59p
M Lemon Drizzle Cake Kit, 408g,
£1.69 M Fairy Cake Kit, 230g, 95p
M British Unsalted Butter 250g £1.49
M Eggs 12 pack
M Milk Cooking Chocolate 150g, 80p
M Dark Cooking Chocolate, 150g, 80p

Arriving to meet the children, I first explained what we had been given, we had the fairy cakes and lemon drizzle cake kits already to be used so I asked what else the children would like to make bearing in mind their ages, ranging from 3-15. We decided we would make some chocolate cookies and pancakes.

The older children got to grips with the pre-prepared kits straight away, one of the children decided to add the chocolate to the fairy cakes as well, they found the kits easy to use and loved the bright fairy cake cases, the baking tray was also very easy to use and they needed little assistance, besides of course baking the cakes.

Some of the younger children helped to mix the butter, eggs and flour together to make the Lemon drizzle cake and enjoyed feeling it between their fingers and getting very messy!!

Together we made the cookies, the children decided how much chocolate to add and we had some very chocolaty cookies! They took great pride in measure out the amounts we needed for each thing and feeling very in control.

The children loved watching the baking cook in the oven, coming back every 5-10 minutes to check how it was going, as the room was filled with wonderful smells, once the cakes had cooled down the children helped to decorate them the older children helping the younger, praising each other.

Once the parents arrived the children were beyond excited to show them and let them taste what they had made, all the parents agreeing how yummy they were!

We found all the products were such good value for money and easy to use, the baking tray was very deep to help make big fairy cakes or muffins!

Baking with children is so important, it can be messy but mess can be cleaned up quickly and it beings so much joy and pride to children of all ages, what is better than eating something you made yourself after all?

The kits are easy to use for parents that are a little less experienced with baking with children; every child should have the chance to bake their own cakes!

And Morrison’s has everything you need to get started!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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