Barefoot Chardonnay and Apothic Dark Red Blend Wines Review


Reviewed by Trish Bramhall

Seeing as I am a wine lover, how wonderful it was to get the chance to review these two wines from Barefoot and Apothic.

On receiving them I looked at their website just to learn a little about the companies as I had never tried these wines before.

With Barefoot, the unconventional name referred to the free-spirited method of crushing grapes barefoot! I loved the status: by standing true to our barefoot values, we SOLE-mnly swear to keep wine more fun and less serious, because after all who doesn’t think wine drinking is way more fun than wine tasting!

So, the first one we decided to try was the Barefoot California Chardonnay 13.5% vol. On the bottle it says it is a great partner to enjoy with seafood/ chicken/cheese. So, fab, me and my husband will enjoy a glass of this with our evening meal of chicken casserole, and I have to say it was very nice. You can really taste the apples, peaches, and the hint of honey. Such a nice, clean refreshing taste.

When I looked online I also found it interesting that the company gives you food and wine recipes. So back to the kitchen I went to get out the cocktail shaker and chop up some fruit and made a couple of cocktails; Pride Punch.

With the California Chardonnay, triple sec, lemonade all mixed up in the cocktail shaker, and then on a skewer thread chunks of blackberries, purple grapes, kiwi, pineapple, clementine and red cherries. Which after a few minutes left in the drink it soaked into the fruit. Mmmmm so not only did we enjoy this wine on its own and then in this cocktail we also had some of our five a day!

Great to discover that this is stocked in numerous local pubs/restaurant’s and sold in major supermarkets defiantly on the hunt to get some more.

A couple of nights later it was time for us to try the Apothic Dark Red Blend California 2015 14% vol. Firstly I was really impressed with how expensive looking the Apothic wine looks, very intriguing label.

Although we don’t normally buy many red wines because I’ve always found them quite heavy and leave a funny taste in my mouth. I just sometimes have a bottle in for any guest to have.

So the label informs you this is Dark Red Wine blend with flavours of blueberries and blackberries and opulent notes of coffee and dark chocolate, for a rich yet silky smooth wine experience. All sounds fab to me!

We had this whilst enjoying barbecued ribs and it matched it perfectly. With its dark fruit flavours, it is a very smooth fruity enjoyable drink. My husband kept commenting just how fruity it was.

I’m happy to say my opinion of red wine has changed. This wasn’t heavy at all, and I look forward to purchasing more of this, enjoying on its own or maybe making one of the recipes ‘Dead of Night’ which is Apothic wine, dark rum, lemon juice and ginger beer.

I would definitely recommend that you try the Barefoot California Chardonnay and the Apothic Dark Red Blend wines These would make a perfect gift for your wine lover family or friends, to enjoy on special occasions or anytime really… Go on treat yourselves!

Checkout the websites to see where you can purchase the wine from and have a read at the food and wine recipes to get ideas how to enjoy these two fantastic wines plus any of the other wines they supply.


Rating: 5/5

For more information, recipes and where to buy (most large supermarkets) visit and

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