Barts Exclusive Late Night Bar Review



Reviewed by Jat Shah

This amazing venue is a hidden gem in one of the most desirable areas of London. A quick 5 minutes walk from South Kensington tube station, home of many of London’s best museums, and you are in the neighbourhood of Chelsea, full of extremely well maintained buildings, shops, boutiques and hotels.

Entering through an immaculate white marble floored reception area of a luxury serviced apartments building and walking along one of the corridors, you come across a big black door with nothing but a small metal sign ‘Barts’ on it. Once through, there is another door with a peep hole and a bell to ring. We gave our password (this was provided through an email with directions and other information in advance when we reserved the table) and were let into this little wonder of a bar set in the 1920s.

We were offered to choose any table we wanted by a friendly and professional waitress. Although there were only a couple of other tables occupied, the decor was made to impress and the whole place had an air of sophistication and class about it. One section of this small bar was designed as if it is a period train, complete with shiny brass luggage holder. The soft retro/jazz music played in the background complemented this carefully designed place. There is a small patio/smoking area for tobacco/sun lovers. The waitress introduced herself and explained the menu in detail including the special of the day. It was 19:00 on Friday and she informed us that the place gets busy after 22:00.

The menu is an old leather bound book with drinks options, prices and some pictures stuck on the pages of this book. The cocktails start at around £12 and go up to hundreds for large sharing cocktails. There is a huge choice of cocktails with something for everyone. And if you are not into cocktails, there is of course wines, beers and spirits as well as non-alcoholic drinks on offer. I ordered a Champagne Supernova whilst my partner opted for the special of the day. The waitress apologised for my drink not being available and I chose a gin based cocktail named Pickled Ploughman. Since it took me a few minutes to choose another drink, my partner’s drink arrived before mine and to apologise for me having to wait, the waitress brought us 2 complimentary delicious shots in espresso cups made with coffee, champagne and vodka. My partner’s special of the day was their take on caipirinha, without the lime and with chilli. It was a very lasting and satisfying cocktail with chilli surprisingly complimenting the sweet Brazilian liqueur really well. My Pickled Ploughman had gin, black raspberry liqueur and grenadine in it and it was served alongside blue Stilton cheese, red grapes a drizzle of honey on a wooden board. I could’ve easily had a few of them.

We would’ve loved to stay for a couple more drinks but we had to be in Covent Garden for our dinner booking so we left this amazing place after spending around an hour there. We have decided to go back for a celebratory cocktail or two in the coming weeks.

Whether you want to try some innovative cocktails, submerge yourself in a place that feels like it is truly set back in time or impress your guests with something classy and different, this place has it all.

Rating: 4.5/5

For more information visit

Barts. Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London, SW3 3DW | 020 7581 3355

4 half Star

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