Baxter the Tweeting Dog Review


Baxter the Tweeting Dog
by Doreen Marts

Reviewed by Michelle Wright

As my 6 year old daughter knows about Facebook and Twitter (although she is not on them) it seems only natural that a range of books would be next for children which include hash tags and @ signs and are based on the communication networks of social media!

This book is one of many from Balloon Times. The story is basically about a group of dogs who all communicate through a device attached on their collars, but instead of tweeting they twoof to each other – a communication network which comes in really handy when one of their gang, Lucy, goes missing and the mission is on to find her!

The terminology is similar to twitter updates – a great way of introducing this to children. The story is really fun and entertaining and the illustrations are attractive and colourful. What I really liked is that the format of the story is in a comic layout, which although new to my daughter, she picked up the flow very quickly.

The book is really well produced, with spot varnish on the cover and a natural matt paper inside. As Baxter says: @baxterpuppy: Tweeting is for the birds I’m on Twoofer.

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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