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Port Talbot

Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy

It’s been an incredibly long time since myself and my husband had visited a Beefeater. We are keen foodies however since having children have been on a budget when eating out. We’ve always been of the impression that eating out at Beefeater would be beyond our reach but I’m pleased to say today we were proven very wrong.

The Bagle Brook in Port Talbot was very easy to find and well signposted off the final roundabout. The car park had plenty of spaces and we were able to park easily. When we walked around the building on the beautiful spring day we noticed that there was a lovely outdoor seating area. It was a perfect place to sit in the sunshine and enjoy good food and cold drink.

The restaurant is beautiful. The lovely decor that is really warm and welcoming. The restaurant was incredibly light and airy. There were a variety of tables in a number styles that would therefore accommodate any family requirements. High chairs were available although our toddlers don’t need them anymore. When we arrived at the restaurant we were greeted by a friendly member of staff who checked our booking. She then showed us to our table she asked if there was any immediate help we needed like high chairs for our 2 3 year old boys. We declined and she provided us with our menus. She also gave each of our children a Mr Men puzzle book and crayons. A perfect distraction while we took time to look at the menus. The waitress went on to explain that as it was a Saturday children eat free if we were to purchase our own meals from the everyday menu. However there was a lunchtime menu available that we were welcome to choose from too. The member of staff took our drinks order and left us to look at the menu.

Our drinks arrived quickly my husband and myself opting for a bottomless diet coke. The children each received a drink with their meal they opted for milk and squash. The waitress who brought our drinks also brought some children’s cutlery. This is the first restaurant I’ve ever been in that has considered how hard it is for little hands to manage adult cutlery. It was an excellent addition. However my only criticism and it’s not really a criticism but a suggestion is that my youngest toddlers are so heavy handed and they found it very difficult to manage the drinks glassware. As a parent it did have me on tenterhooks during the meal. My suggestion is simply to have some plastic cups available particularly for your youngest guests. It would certainly save me a grey hair or two.

The children’s menu was themed around the Mr Men it was a perfect theme for my two little men. I was pleasantly surprised both by the dish choices for children and also by the price. It was a lovely to see a restaurant that sees children’s eating habits as more than chicken nuggets and chips. There was a fantastic range and variety of dishes steak, cottage pie, sausage and mash and a number of pasta dishes. My children chose chargrilled chicken with chips and vegetable sticks, tomato pasta with garlic bread and coleslaw and chicken nuggets, chips and peas. In each instance the children were able to tailor their sides to their liking too. Again for me this really shows this restaurant does consider its mini diners as much as their fully grown ones. The meals were reasonably priced; a single course and drink was £4.49, 2 courses and a drink was £5.49 and three courses and a drink was £5.99. However my husband and I opted to eat from the main menu which as a result meant that two of our three children ate for free. An absolute bargain. The main menu has a fantastic selection of meals available. It really does have a dish to suit everyone from the staple steak choices to the number of veggie options. However even the steak choices themselves were well considered. A number of types of steak and weights were available. My greatest difficulty was making a choice with so much delicious food on offer. I selected a Buffalo chicken burger with fries and coleslaw. It was priced at £9.49. My husband chose to have the traditional mixed grill. It was priced at £15.59. We both commented how competitively priced Beefeater was and its prices seemed to be nothing like we remembered from our visits long ago. We waited around 20-25 minutes for our meal. I consider this to be a very reasonable length of time for freshly prepared fare.

When our meals arrived the children’s came first. I always appreciate a restaurant that puts of the needs of my children first. All our meals we piping hot on arrival and were beautifully presented. They looked so appetising I’d eaten my meal completely with my eyes before even tasting it. We all knew that all the ingredients used were of fantastic quality it shown in the taste of meal. The meat of my husband’s mixed grill melted in the mouth. His steak was cooked to his medium perfection.  Needless to say we all happily cleared our plates.

Only once all of our party had finished their meals was our table cleared. This is something I always believe is a sign of a thoughtful and considerate wait staff. Our youngest guests opted to select a dessert. There was hardly any wait for their delicious ice cream and cookies.

Despite it being a very busy Saturday lunch service we really couldn’t fault our experience of the Bagle Brook Beafeater. We were hugely surprised and encouraged by the more than reasonable prices. We were greatly satisfied by the fantastic quality foods and massively impressed with the overall care and attention given to us as customers. We would highly recommend the Bagle Brook and Beefeater as a whole. We keen to return to the Bagle Brook and excited to try out some of the other Beefeater locations. Its top marks from us.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

For more information, to view menus and promotions or to book a table visit:

Beefeater Bagle Brook. Baglan Road, Baglan, Port Talbot, SA12 8ES | 01639 813 017


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