Ben and Hollys Little Kingdom Live Brighton Review


Ben and Holly’s
Little Kingdom Live

Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

I went to see Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom Live at the Theatre Royal in Brighton with my friend and her 3 year old daughter whom was very excited to see the show as she is a big fan it was also nearly her birthday so a wonderful treat for her.

When we arrived at the theatre which is in a lovely area of Brighton with gardens to sit in where we had a snack before we went in to see the show. We picked up our tickets from the box office, Daisy was very proud to have her own ticket!

Inside the theatre hall it was cool which was refreshing as it was a very hot day, Daisy was very excited to see the hall and looking around at the walls and ceiling. She told us “I want to see Holly, where is Holly?” as she clapped her hands with joy. As the lights dimmed she kept trying to stand up to see and when the music started she was hyper with happiness but when Holly appeared she was beside herself with excitement.

As an adult watching the show I found myself able to relate to what was happening, I have never seen the television show but I found the show was easy to follow and you got swept to the music and the buzz. The costumes were bright and the actors portraying the characters were outstanding never missing a note or move and Daisy thought they were the same ones from the television show which was a plus.

Daisy loved Lucy the character in the show and kept saying she wanted to go on stage and see Lucy, one day she was going to be Lucy and go to the Little Kingdom, she was very sad the King did not want cake for his Birthday and overjoyed when he wanted a birthday after all!!

Everyone seemed to be enjoying the show and there was a lot of noise from all the little people in their seats!

All in all I think Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom is a delight for everyone, those who are fans of the show and those we are not. And it is easy to be swept away with the show as an adult; you don’t feel like you are just waiting for the show to be finished with, you get as involved as the kids!!

A great afternoon out!

Rating: 5/5

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