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Reviewed by Rachael Osborne

We had been told how great BeWILDerwood was by friends of ours and were very eager to go! It’s a theme park based on the books BeWILDerwood by Tom Blofeld. They tell tales of all the Boggles, Twiggles, Crocklebogs and many more strange creatures living in the woods and marshes. From the moment we arrived I was struck by how magical and eye-catching it seemed to be! The member of staff on the gate was friendly and welcoming. The prices vary slightly throughout the year, and also depending on the height of the child. I felt the entrance fee was reasonable and well worth the money. One member of our group commented that it would be better if it was cheaper for adults, especially Grandparents who might not be as active on the equipment. We were given a map and a challenge sheet for the children to complete!

I was really pleased that the entire theme park is a no smoking area with notices placed regularly to remind you! We followed the trail past an enchanting walkway just for the kids and past the Boggle village where the Boggle’s live. There were little enchanting houses in the marshes that helped maintain the magical feeling! As we walked round we spotted magical elements everywhere! Sophia spent quite a while searching for the Twiggles’ houses and knocking on the doors of the ones she could reach, hoping to find a Twiggle at home.


There is a boat ride near the entrance that takes you round the Long Lagoon, Dismal Dyke and Sccaaaaary Lake. We went on it on the way back to the car. The boatman was really entertaining telling us stories of the witch, the Boggles, and Mildred.

There was a story time session that we unfortunately missed as my kids were too excited about the different areas. From what I could see it looked great fun, several of the children in the audience were wearing character hats and were actively involved in the story!

There are several different adventure areas aimed at children of different ages (including “big” kids). My kids convinced me to go on the Broken Bridge. I’m quite amazed I managed it as I don’t like heights, but it was great fun! The children loved the different slides and convinced all us adults to go on at least once! There was a three lane slide which started a family competition to see who could go the fastest!

The Wobbly Wires (zip wire) proved very popular, and were manned by members of staff who helped you onto the seat safely! There were lots of members of staff visible in the theme park and all were happy and helpful! I particularly loved the fact that there were little wobbly wires for toddlers that had a special seat similar to a toddler swing. The giggles occurring were infectious! There were several play areas especially for toddlers and I was pleased to see they were next to the bigger play areas which makes it handy if you have a mixed party of toddlers and children! My youngest (5) preferred the toddler area at times.

There was plenty of seating throughout the theme park which was really handy, especially when the children wanted to spend a long time on one particular thing. The theme park was buggy and wheelchair friendly and those with buggies seems to have no trouble manoeuvring around the park. There were several eating areas where picnics were welcomed and three cafes to purchase food. While we were there only the main one was open but it served both hot and cold food as well as drinks and snacks. The prices seemed reasonable.

Throughout the park were special activity stands where we had to find the answer to a joke and put a bark rubbing in the correct box. There was also an activity on the Sky Maze where we had to find different numbered feathers and write the words in the boxes to make a sentence! The children proudly told the member of staff the sentence on the way out and were presented with badges as a prize!


The entire theme park was clean and well cared for and had enchanting elements everywhere. From shoes hanging in trees, to little wooden bridges joining the Twiggles houses above the walkways! It has clearly been well thought out and caters for all ages. I would highly recommend BeWILDerwood for a fab day out!! Be prepared for lots of climbing and sliding fun!! My three are already asking when they can go again! A fabulous 5/5!

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

Tickets cost from £9 to £15.50, under 92cm are free (see website for latest pricing)

For more information or to book tickets visit

BeWILDerwood, Horning Road, Hoveton, Norfolk, NR12 8JW | 01692 633033


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