Black Jacks


Original date 20/9/11

Black Jacks, Fruit Salads, Cricket Stumps on the Wall

A 1950s Moment in Time

Brian Watson


31st October 2011                

£12.99                         Hardback

 Family History and Nostalgia  Social and Cultural History


“It paints a wonderful picture, evoking so many memories” Dame Judi Dench


Do you remember sucking aniseed balls until your tongue was red? Pretending to be Hitler with a tin hat on your head? Going to Saturday morning pictures with cap guns, lead soldiers and The Beano in your pocket? Playing cricket with stumps chalked onto a wall? Trying your first cigarette on the walk home from school? Brian Watson recalls these and many other magical moments from his 1950s London childhood and brings the era vividly back to life with his funny, evocative verse and stunning photographic recreations of the time.


Deeply aware that his childhood exploits were only possible because of the sacrifices made during the Second World War, Brian Watson includes a moving tribute to the Battle of Britain pilots – the few to whom subsequent generations owe so much.


“The finest observation of growing up in the ’50s I’ve ever heard”

Paul Dacre, Editor Daily Mail


Brian Watson was brought up in south London during the 1950s. He found his dream career in advertising by chance, taking a job as a messenger boy in a West End agency, and rising to become Creative Director with a seat on the board and running his own agency. He has written and directed more TV commercials than anyone else in the world, and also writes comedy for TV and live shows. Brian lives in Surrey.

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