Blackpool Pleasure Beach (August 2013) Review


Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Reviewed by Dorothy White

Five of us spent a fantastic day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach on Wednesday last week, my husband, myself, our daughter and two granddaughters aged 7 and 10.

We arrived at the ticket office on a lovely sunny day at around lunch time to find a long, long queue (after all it is the summer holidays). Thankfully the tickets and wristbands were issued very quickly and we were soon inside. We could have bought Fast Passes, but they were around £10 each on top of the entry price so decided not to bother.

My soon to be eight year old granddaughter led the way as she had been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach before. First we were taken to the River Caves ride which was a gentle boat ride through several countries including Egypt. Then on to Wallace and Gromit Thrill-O-Matic where we were met by Wallace who was walking around outside. Whilst in the queue we watched Wallace and Gromit cartoons which passed the time. For this ride we sat in huge slippers which took four people! There were five of us so they put another couple in one of our pair of slippers. The children were intrigued by ‘cheesy rock’!

Next came Rugrats Lost River where we queued for a very long time, partly because one of the boats was out of order and partly because sometimes they allowed just one person to ride in a boat alone. Thankfully my granddaughter had warned us that we could get wet so on went the cagoules. We got wet!!!

Hungry we went off in search of food. The girls wanted a bucket of chips but alas no buckets, they had to settle for a normal portion of chips, my husband chose a hot dog. There were plenty of food outlets around at various prices.

On the Ghost Train I had to ride in a car on my own as the others doubled up – very scary!! Blue Flyer was next, the soon to be eight year old warned me I might not like it as sometimes it made her tummy go funny, so I decided to sit that one out. The others loved it.

My husband, daughter and 10 year old granddaughter went off to queue for Nickelodeon Streak, whilst the soon to be 8 year old and myself decided to go on Sponge Bob’s Splash Bash. She warned me we could get wet!  Understatement!!  Despite wearing a cagoule we were soaked through to the skin! Everyone shoots water at each other, even those on the outside join in! I invested £1 in the dryer after that one!!

We were joined for Diego’s Rainforest Rescue by the 10 year old fresh from Nickelodeon Streak where they had queued for over an hour. She loved the ride but my daughter wasn’t too sure. Diego’s Rainforest Rescue was quite calm & dry after Sponge Bob as we rose into the air in our hot air balloons. There were several delays during loading as stones from beneath the ride kept escaping onto the footpath and had to be swept back inside.

Just time for one more ride, Backyardigan’s Pirate Treasure, the girls were thrilled when it stopped then surprised them by going backwards!

We never really made it outside of Nickelodeon Land, but the 10 year old, who normally loves the fastest, highest, spinning rides was happy to follow her 7 year old cousin around.

We had a great day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and can thoroughly recommend it.

You don’t have to buy wristbands which have a barcode which is read at the entry to most rides, or you can buy individual tickets.

There was nothing really that my twin grandsons who are almost 13 months could have gone on had they been there which is a shame.

I was excited to visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach again for the first time in many years as I am a Lancashire Lass who now lives down south!

Rating: 5/5

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