Body of Proof Series 2 Review


Body of Proof
Series 2

Reviewed by David Savage

Starring: Dana Delany, Jeri Ryan
Certificate: 15
Running Time: 653 Minutes
Number of Episodes: 16
Number of Discs: 4

Dr Megan Hunt (Dana Delany) is back for a second series of Body of Proof doing what she does best and solving the unsolvable cases.

Dr Hunt is medical examiner in Philadelphia who cares deeply for her “patients” albeit that they are dead while still trying to build up her strained relationship with her daughter Lacey and her boss Dr Kate Murphy (Jeri Ryan) is dating her ex-husband.

Although Megan tries to solve the cases by herself she has a lot of help from members of her team within the medical examiner’s office and 2 police detectives.

This series features 16 episodes including cases of a car crash that turns out not to be an accident, the death of a hunter, a missing body from the morgue, a bride falling from a hotel window and the assassination of on undercover policeman that sees her go to war with an entire police department in the hunt for the killer.

Overall, Body of Proof is an excellent crime drama with strong stories and quality acting. Dr Megan Hunt is the modern day equivalent of Quincy M.E and a joy to watch.

A must have for crime/detective/medical show lovers.

Rating: 5/5

Body of Proof Series 2 is available to buy from Amazon here.

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