Bomb Cosmetics Little Blossom Gift Pack Review


Bomb Cosmetics Little Blossom Gift PackLittle Blossom Gift Pack
Bomb Cosmetics

Reviewed by Katherine Christensen

On receiving the Little Blossom Gift Pack from Bomb Cosmetics the first thing I noticed was the packaging on the gift pack was lovely, the wrapping paper and ribbon were both feminine but not too girly girly, the paper was of a good quality and I would have happily given it as a gift exactly as it arrived or in fact been incredibly pleased to have received it as a gift myself.

The paper was suitably easy to remove and revealed a substantial yet not ugly corrugated box that was packed with a delightful array of bathtime treats. The box contained some handmade soap – Love Soaked Dreams, two bath blasters Crazy After Dark and Foam Alone, a cute little Hello Ducky creamer and a bottle of Herbal High body lotion.

I must begin with the body lotion, it is so fantastic that I would certainly be interested in buying more as a standalone product, it has a fragrance that isn’t overwhelming along with a fantastic absorption factor it’s a lovely moisturiser not greasy yet certainly does an excellent job and certainly has worked wonders on the patches of dry skin I suffer (or should I say suffered from) far better than other ‘better known’ brands that I have tried. I could wax lyrical about this moisturiser all day – although I do confess to telling my husband that it contains glitter so that he doesn’t use it (it doesn’t but I don’t want to share it!).

Now to the blasters and creamer, I can honestly say I loved them all! The hello ducky creamer was smaller in size than the other two yet do not let that fool you, it left my skin so soft and smooth and also dissolved beautifully! The blasters were fantastic my little boy loved watching them fizz around the bath and the Crazy After Dark turned the water a fantastic shade of blue – I’m not going to deny the fact I was slightly concerned that it was going to end up Smurf coloured or with a blue bath but I am happy to report my concerns were not realised In fact I ended up relaxed and ready to use more of that fantastic body lotion.

The soap has been placed in our downstairs loo to be used by all who ‘use the facilities’ I have had such lovely compliments about the new ‘posh soap’ in there and also how refreshing to have a bar of soap rather than the liquid that we have all become used to. Also without sounding too materialistic it looks so much nicer too!

I truly loved the products in this pack and would be overjoyed to receive these as a gift and I will certainly send this and other items from bomb cosmetics as presents, all whilst slipping the odd item for me in the basket šŸ˜‰

One last thing to mention was that due the nature of the ingredients of the items in the box I was happy for my little boy to hop in the bath too with no fear of a nasty rash or harsh chemicals on his delicate skin. On a practical note the bath was easy to clean after using the blasters and creamer and didn’t leave a residue.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: Ā£12.99

Available to buy from Bomb Cosmetics here.


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