Bounce Festival Interview with Anna Williamson


Anna Williamson Interview – Bounce Festival at Old Deer Park Richmond on 10th and 11th of August.

We were lucky enough to interview Anna Williamson who is hosting Bounce Festival, held at Richmond Old Deer Park on 10th and 11th August.  This is what she had to say….

What made you want to get involved with Bounce Festival?

Bounce Festival is a family festival which is what it should be about.  There will be music and dancing entertainment, and lots of activity based fun.  Kids not only love to be entertained but to also get stuck in.   The festival has been designed for that.  There will be gardening, baking, arts & crafts and science among lots more.  Kids can get messy, creative and enjoy a day out with the family.   It is also a great opportunity to support local festivals like this which is a great new boutique family festival where there is something for everyone including parents.  No child could possibly be bored.

What sort of activities do you do with the young kids in your family?

I was lucky enough to be brought up in the countryside. I still live in the countryside and am a big fan of outdoor games, sports and activities.  It’s nice to take arts & crafts based things outside as I do outdoor activities with my family and godchildren.   I love baking with them. Kids want to lend a hand, be involved and feel important doing something they help create, this helps build their self esteem.

What can we expect from you at Bounce Festival?

I will be the hostess with the mostess on 10th and 11th August, welcoming everyone, making sure it all runs smoothly, that people have a great time and having fun with everyone. 

What activities or zones are you most looking forward to at Bounce Festival?

I am particularly looking forward to the sheep shearing and farm based activities in the Dig It zone.  It’s will be lovely to bring it to Richmond.  I am also looking forward to science in the Daredevil Science zone.  It will be a fab experience to get my hands dirty.  Lastly I am looking forward to seeing the dance troops on stage, taking inspiration from them and being entertained by them. 

Is Richmond a good place for families?

Richmond is a fantastic place in a special part of London.  It has a lovely idyllic village atmosphere.  It is very much a family orientated place where families like to do things together.  I am a big fan of encouraging families to spend time together and get out and about. We invite people, even those who haven’t visited Richmond before, to come to Bounce Festival and discover Richmond for the first time. 

Aswell as being involved with Bounce Festival you've just been announced as Ambassador for Mind. What made you want to get involved with Mind?

I look forward to a long relationship with Mind.  My own background is with anxiety disorder.  I used to suffer with crippling anxiety attacks.  People need to be educated about mental health issues.  I want to get conversation going between suffers and non suffers.   Its something that you can get over and whilst I am not suggesting that you can cure everything, there are varying degrees of mental health issues.   There is no need for a label for the rest of your life.  1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues. You can live a far better life and understanding what you are suffering from is the key to overcoming it.

Are you enjoying working on This Morning?

I am continuing to work on This Morning’s Summer shows until the end of the summer holidays.  I am loving it.  There has been an overwhelming response to the 'Ask Anna' strand.   They are a wonderful team to work with and I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Do you have any other exciting projects coming up?

As well as Bounce Festival I am looking forward to my This Morning and ITV Breakfast appearances.  I pop up on Daybreak and Lorraine presenting the holiday strands.  After the summer, I have a couple of exciting prime time projects planned which are yet to be announced.  I am looking forward to talking about it in due course.


Tickets: Advanced Family £60 

                   Advanced single £18

                   Under 4's go FREE


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