Brackenheath iSpot Blade Colour Changing Desk Lamp Review


Reviewed by David Savage

When I am working at night I don’t like the big main room light on and prefer a desk lamp. When Ormrod asked me to review the Brackenheath iSpot Blade Colour Changing Desk Lamp I said yes as the light settings can be changed to suit the your mood or how dim/bright you prefer to work in.

The Brackenheath iSpot Blade is an 8w LED colour changing, multistage dimming desk lamp with an adjustable colour temperature; from warm white 3000K to daylight 6500K. It has a rated usage life of 30,000 hours (which gives you 1250 days or nearly 3½ years of constant 24-hour use) so should last for years, as the LED’s cannot be changed this is a considerable amount of time. It also features touch controls, rather than buttons or switches, and a built-in USB charging port ideal for charging phones and other digital devices.

The iSpot Blade is a very modern, sleek design and is available in black or white. I received mine in black and I am very impressed with it. The touch interface looks very good with its blue lighting on each “button” and is very responsive to touch and fast to react.

On first use the lamp comes on in its default setting of 6500k colour temperature at 50% brightness. There are 7 stages of dimming (ranging from 10% to 100%) and to change you just press along the touchpad for your desired level. There are also 7 colour temperature options; to use the M (mode) button needs to be pressed, which will light up blue, and then you can set the desired colour temperature (from warm white 3000K to Daylight 6500K). The lamp has a last memory setting so that it remembers your settings when switched off (unless unplugged at the mains then it reset to default settings).

Most people have a smartphone or tablet and they need to be charged. This lamp features a USB socket so that you can plug in your phone and phone/tablet and charge using the lamp’s power supply (no cable is supplied for this but one usually comes with your phone). It’s not the fastest of chargers but charges my phone up fully overnight (has a voltage output of DC5V with a maximum of 1A).

Another good feature of this lamp is that the lamp head is not fixed into one position, the lamp arm and head are adjustable so that you can focus the light as required (90°on the vertical and 180°on the horizontal). With the adjustable arm and head it always folds away for easy storage (should you need it).

Overall, the iSpot Blade desk lamp is perfect for any desk. With a range of brightness and colour temperature settings it is great for working under (full brightness is very bright). It is very easy to use and position and the built-in phone charger is an excellent addition, reducing the need for extra plug sockets.

The iSpot Blade Desk Lamp is a perfect addition to any desk and with a retail price of £37.62 it is very reasonably priced for a touch control, adjustable light level LED lamp with a built-in phone charger.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £37.62

Available to buy from here.

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