Brain Noodles Kittens Review


Brain Noodles:

Reviewed by Natalie Wiseman

The Brain Noodles Kitten set are a great toy, perfect as a gift and something you can take with you anywhere and re-use over again.  The Kittens set comes with 12 fluffy jumbo size noodles which can be bent into any shape, wobbly eyes, stickers, pom poms and craft foam.  There are step-by-step instructions which show you how to make the kittens and there is a different design for each coloured noodle, so for example, you can make a pink cat that stands up or a white cat that lies down etc…  Once the kitten has been created then all you need to do is decorate it with eyes, nose and whiskers etc.  The jumbo noodles are very soft to touch and come in bright colours/patterns. They have a reinforced core and are not sharp. The great thing about this product is the fact you can make them over and over again and children can also use their imagination and make something other than kittens. This product is suitable for ages 6 and over although I would say that the instructions for bending the kittens into shape are a little hard to follow so adult help may be required. 

Overall I think the product is well designed and a great idea for inspiring children's imaginations.

I would recommend this product.

Rating: 5/5

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