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Lodmoor, Weymouth

Reviewed by Stefanie Sofianos

Upon arrival at the Lodmoor branch of Brewers Fayre, we noticed the beer garden was bustling and the place looked lovely and lively. We parked in the spacious car park adjacent to the pub and were pleased to have arrived after 6pm, as parking was free! We walked in and waited around a minute to be seated. The manager greeted us and quickly sorted us out with a table, even though our reservation was not showing up on their system, having been booked earlier that evening.

We sat down and started looking at our menus, at 7.10pm, then I headed to the bar to order, leaving our 3 year old, Maddy, and our 7 month old, Jessica, with my husband at the table. The young lad (who was training) at the bar was very friendly and processed our order quickly. Unfortunately they were out of some food options, but he recommended a dessert, which turned out to be a very good choice. By the time I got back, Maddy was beginning to get very bored, so I took her for a walk around the pub.

We had a look at the soft play area and immediately, Maddy wanted to go in and play. Unfortunately, the extra charge put us off, as she wouldn’t get long before dinner was served. I have never been to a pub where there is a charge for entry to the children’s play area. We got back to the table and she asked to go to the toilet, so my husband took her. The men’s toilets were not in a particularly good condition. Although functional, the cubicle was not clean and the toilet roll holder was broken which meant that it would fall off when used, hitting the wet floor (hence why the toilet roll was wet). The ladies toilets however, were in a good, clean condition.

There was a busy, but friendly ambience to the place, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. We asked for a high chair, as this hadn’t been put out because of the small issue with our reservation (which was quickly solved on arrival). The high chair was in a good, clean condition. I took my Maddy off once again to find some colouring, as I was sure there would be some around. I couldn’t find anyone to ask, so took a colouring book and crayons from the stack next to the welcome desk. This kept her amused for a little while.

Our starter arrived, which was actually ordered as a main for Jessica (carrots, celery and cucumber with a dip). It kept the children happy for a little while whilst we waited for our mains to come. After we had finished Jessica’s main meal, the waitress came over and asked if we were ready for our mains, which we assumed were already being prepared. Unfortunately, it was another 25 minutes before these appeared. When they arrived, we were asked if we wanted any sauces and the waiter promptly returned with them. It wasn’t until afterwards however that we realised the garlic bread was missing. We managed to get hold of someone who said they would sort it out for us. However after nearly 10 minutes of waiting, I started wondering if it had been forgotten about. I was unsuccessful with trying to flag down a waitress so I headed to the bar and asked them about it. The garlic bread was brought out quickly after asking again. This would have been fine, however as the waitress was informing us that the plate was hot, she placed it right in front of Jessica (8 months) as it was the only space on the table, and pushed it towards her bare arm. I grabbed the plate quickly out of the way and asked for a glass of water for Maddy, which was quickly brought over.

Kris ordered another glass of wine from the bar, which I am told was very nice! The main meals were as I would expect from a pub chain restaurant. I had their ‘best seller’ Mixed Grill and my husband had the Sirloin Steak. The chips were nice and fluffy on the inside, and cooked to perfection on the outside. The meat on my Mixed Grill was lovely, however the steak was overcooked (medium-well instead of rare-medium). I can live with that though, as the chicken breast and gammon were divine! As we were nearing the end of our dinners, I asked that the desserts be brought out as the girls were getting very tired. I breastfed Jessica, and felt comfortable doing so in the family friendly atmosphere at the pub. It was 8.30pm by this point and there were not many young children eating, but more families with older children and teenagers. The desserts came out quickly. Maddy couldn’t eat all of her strawberry ice cream sundae (which I am glad about as she would have been bouncing all the way home!). We could not finish ours either – the portions were very generous, which was lovely! I had the Chocolate Prague cake which was just about one of the best cakes I have ever tasted.

We left promptly and because the meal had been paid at the bar, we did not have to wait for a bill and to pay, which was great as we had two very tired children! Overall, we were happy with the pub, however I do feel that the staffing at Lodmoor does need addressing, as we only had a friendly welcome from 2 out of the 5 staff we were dealt with by. It is a nice place with a good atmosphere, ideal for taking children out for a meal. I don’t however think we will be returning to the pub due to the food and the lack of care shown.

Rating: 3/5

Brewers Fayre Lodmoor is now taking bookings for Father’s Day (21 June)!

For more information, to view menus or to book a table visit:

Brewers Fayre, Preston Beach Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 7SX | 01305 767 964

3 Star

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