Briers Children’s Wellington Boots Review


Reviewed by Nigel Chester

If you are looking for a pair of wellington boots I suggest you look no further than Briers. I can’t fault them in anyway, the big selling point for me however is that they are gender neutral, so often everything for a girl is pink or camouflage for a boy, not Briers wellies they are bright, fun, and practical, yellow Day-Glo with a blue sole and orange cuff. The construction is traditional, and the sole has a good tread for grip.

At the very first opportunity they were pulled onto small feet for a wet walk in the woods, the logo is garden tools so would be just as much fun at home. They seem true to size and wide enough at the ankle. I think that wellington boots are essential in any child’s world they perform a duty unlike any other item of footwear they allow a child to experience challenge and to understand that dirt and mud is fun, every time that a little one steps into a puddle they are learning even if they don’t know it, they undertake a risk assessment that the next puddle could be their very own ‘Vicar of Dibley’ moment. They jump and maneuver and the boots become a toy that is an extension of the child and can take them as far as their imagination goes.

On our woodland walk, the Briers boot took us to the moon as they became antigravity in my goddaughter’s head. As I am sure you are aware children grow so quickly, but at the very small price tag from £10.99to £12.99 Briers kids boots provide excellent value for money and as they are unisex they will be able to be passed down to the next young adventurer, they are ideal for any time of the year but what better gift for a little one for Christmas. Available in size 5/22 to 13/32.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £10.99 to £12.99

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