Brio World Police Station and Police Van Review


Reviewed by David Savage

With 5-year-old twin boys in the house that are mad about their wooden train sets, we were delighted when the new Brio World Police Station and Police Van arrived for review.

The Brio World Police Station is part of the Brio World Rescue range, consisting of police and fire stations along with associated rescue vehicles (helicopters, boats, trains etc.).

The Police Station has a moving lift and cell door and comes with 2 figures; criminal and police officer, a police van with opening roof so that a figure can sit inside and two pieces of track; ramp and track piece. The police van has flashing red lights on the roof and a siren noise (operated by pushing the button on top of the police van and batteries are supplied).

Brio is probably more associated with wooden toys, this rescue series is plastic but is excellent build quality and the twins have loved playing with the police station and police van, building it into their existing wooden train tracks and accessories and they are all compatible and work well together. They love driving the police van up the ramp into the police station on the ground floor and then unloading the criminal from the van, putting him in the lift and locking him in the cell on the second floor, where the grill comes down to contain him.

Once connected to their rail and road tracks, trains and other vehicles can pull up to the station making it a very versatile toy and encouraging imaginative play.

Wooden track, train tunnel and train are not supplied.

With a price tag of £29.99 it is on the slightly expensive side, but it is excellent quality, well-constructed with no flimsy parts and should stand up the rigours of the twins for a very long time. I think it is definitely worth the money.

Overall, it is a fantastic toy with plenty of play value. It connects to Brio compatible road and rail sets and adds an extra dimension to a standard train set. Both boys love it and I may have to consider getting them the Brio World Fire Station for Christmas.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £29.99

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