Britax B-Ready Pushchair Review


BReady1B-Ready Pushchair

Reviewed by Lewis Magnan

I was really pleased when the Britax B-Ready pushchair arrived. The item arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. It did not take me long at all to remove all the bits from the box and fit the parts of the buggy ready for first use. Whilst clear instructions were provided, I did not need them, which was a relief as I am not really the DIY type (there is also an instructional video from Britax on assembly here).

Some negatives I have found with the pushchair is that it’s too tall for one of my family members to push. Another is the large size of the wheels.

That said, my 6 month old son really likes it as he is in an upright position and can see what’s going on around him when we go out for walks. It is suitable from 6 months (or 17kg) to 3 years. It can also be used with Britax Click & Go carrycots and infant carriers.

When he was first put in the buggy, he was smiling a lot. The buggy looks really smart. The brakes are really effective and the buggy is really stable when the brakes are locked on.

Other features I really liked about it were:

•             Being able to put my son forwards or rear facing.  It’s nice to be able to bond while you are walking along.
•             Being able to add to the buggy for a 2nd child to go in it.
•             The buggy is easy to fold.
•             The puncture free wheels and central suspension.
•             How comfortable the handles are to hold, due to their padding.
•             How lightweight the buggy is.

So, what did my partner think? When I asked my partner what she thought about buggy, she particularly liked the colour (it is available in 4 colour options). She was also pleasantly surprised at how quickly we could put the buggy together ready for first use. She was also pleased that the buggy came with a raincover, as this is not always the case. We used the raincover during a shower. It was easy to fit on the buggy and proved effective in protecting our little man from the rain. Being able to lock and unlock the front wheels for easier manoeuvrability is a great feature of the buggy and makes going around corners so much easier when the front wheels are in unlocked mode.


Some negatives she mentioned are that the back wheels are a bit too big and the front ones a bit too small.

Apart from some small negatives, that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue for others, the pushchair is smart, great quality, very easy to assemble, put up and down, easy to use and delivers a smooth ride.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £520

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4 Star

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