BT Smart Home Cam 100 Review


Reviewed by David Savage

On receiving the BT Smart Home Cam 100 I assumed it was just another webcam that would have a grainy picture with a complicated setup process. I was very wrong and within minutes of taking it out of the box it was set up, running and working perfectly.

The BT Smart Home Cam 100 is a home video monitoring camera that you can monitor from your smartphone, tablet or PC while away from home.

On opening the box you find the camera, power supply, wall mounting screws and user guide. After reading through the user guide you are advised to follow the very simple set up instructions;

First download the app from your favourite app store to your smartphone or tablet but do not run it once downloaded.

Second plug in the camera and move the switch on the back of the camera to the setup position and on your smartphone or tablet go to the Wi-Fi settings and connect to the HomeCam device.

Third open the BT Home Cam app on your smartphone or tablet and follow the instructions to setup the camera by adding your Wi-Fi details and setting up a new account. Once this is completed move the switch on the back to the camera position and you are ready to go.

This process took me no longer than 5 minutes to setup.

Once I found a suitable place to position the camera (I haven’t fixed to the wall yet) I was ready to try it out and see how good it was but wasn’t sure the best way to try. Picking up my phone I clicked on the app and logged in. Once connected I clicked on the name of the camera (I set the name during the setup process) and was then looking at my back door in high definition. On the screen there are 3 options: turn the microphone on, take a picture and take a recording. If you make a recording or take a picture these will be stored on your device.

If you don’t want to have to keep logging on to check the camera it also has a motion sensor. This is a great function, if someone walks past the camera the motion is detected and sends an alert to your smartphone or tablet so you can connect straightaway and see who or what set it off taking a recording or picture should you need to or turn on the microphone to hear what is happening. You can even subscribe to have any motion triggered events stored in the cloud for up to 30 days (this is a paid service after the free trial).

Now that all sounds great during daylight hours but what about at night? The camera is also equipped with night vision and the quality of the images and brightness is excellent and you can see everything as though it were daytime.

Overall the BT Smart Home Cam 100 is an excellent home monitoring device. The picture quality is excellent (day or night), you can easily take snapshots or video recordings of what the camera is seeing very easily and the sound quality through the camera’s microphone is very clear.

A great device for home security while you are not there or just to monitor that your pets are OK or the kids are back from school OK. This is definitely a device that every home should have.

I am thoroughly impressed with the camera and cannot fault it. You can even set it public so that friends can log in and see through the camera should you wish.

At £100 I think this is definitely value for money due to the high quality picture and ease of use. I love it.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £99.99

System requirements:

  • An Android device running Android version 2.3.x or iPhone/iPad running iOS 5.1.1 or higher
  • A broadband connection with Wi-Fi

Once setup, to watch live streams and more on the move you’ll need a mobile data package.

You can also optionally watch live streams on your PC or Laptop, for which you’ll need Internet Explorer (v9 or above), Firefox, or Google Chrome.

Available to buy from BT here.


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