Buyagift 30 Minute Young Driver Experience Review


Reviewed by Meghan Davis

Recently I was given the opportunity to review Young Drivers, a company that teaches children aged 10- 17 how to drive under supervision on behalf of Buyagift.

Buyagift sent me the Gift Card by tracked post which we then had to redeem on their website following their clear instructions.

  1. Enter the Voucher No and Pin Code together with an email address and postcode.
  2. Choose a location. Young Driver have lots of centres scattered throughout England with some in Scotland and Wales. My mum and I decided Milton Keynes would be best for us which is about 30 minutes away.
  3. We then contacted Young Driver to book the experience and was asked for the voucher code.

My lesson was arranged for 11am on Saturday 2nd September. We set the SatNav and left in good time to arrive 15 minutes before the lesson was due to start. We only know the way to the shopping centre and theatre in Milton Keynes, but the directions were easy to follow so we had no problems finding the Young Driver centre.

It was very clearly signposted from the car park to reception with a zebra crossing for pedestrians which was good as there were several cars being driven around by children accompanied by instructors.

My mum and I checked in and I were given a booklet to record my lessons and progress. I was offered a memory card for £14.99 to record my lesson, which we paid for. I had to hand this to the instructor.

At last it was my turn!! Jeremy came to collect me and we went out to his car which was No. 1!!

Jeremy explained the parts of the car to me, the accelerator, brake, clutch, hand brake mirrors and blind spot. He then told me what we were going to do next, he would take control of the car and speed and I would steer. We set off and I had to steer in and out between cones, I then had to steer between two cones placed just over the car width apart and Jeremy told me how to prepare for this. I did a U-turn and back through the cones.

I was then taught how to brake at a Give Way sign. Once I had completed the steering and braking section of the lesson I was then allowed to take control of the car myself and was taught how to start the car and pull away safely using mirrors and being aware of the blind spot.

We drove round a roundabout and the rest of the course then through yet another set of cones. We drove round the rest of the course for a while before heading back to the start where I had to reverse park the car using mirrors, being aware of the blind spot, brake safely, put the handbrake on, the gear stick into neutral and turn off the engine.

There were several children having driving lessons at the same time so I always had to be aware of them.

It was fantastic! I really enjoyed the lesson and can’t wait to have my next one. I have progressed to Level 2. They even do Birthday Parties!!

This is a great way to practice driving in a safe environment with qualified driving instructors.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £25

Available to buy from Buyagift here.

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