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Reviewed by Meresa Bergin

I was delighted to be asked to review the Thames Lunch Cruise for Two which goes across the River Thames. My husband and I rarely have many nice outings as we are always working so it was a wonderful opportunity.

I was sent a gift card from Buyagift in the post for the cruise and it was so easy to book by phone, I was then emailed all the details I would need on the day such as times and location. The staff were wonderful as I had to cancel due to bad weather and they rebooked me without a problem.

We travelled from Brighton to London Waterloo and walked to the Embankment Pier, we were half an hour early as suggested. I have only been on the ferry to the Isle of Wright so this was a new experience for me.

I was pleased to note the boat arrived on time and the waiter who welcomed us on board was lovely and helped us feel at ease. The boat itself was huge, much bigger than I imagined, and it was very impressive. I was a little anxious as I can get travel sick but he suggested a good place to sit. We were shown to our table which was beautifully set out and it was amazing to be able to gaze out the windows as we ate.

The food tasted wonderful and looked very attractively set out, there was a vegetarian option which I was pleased about and we each had a glass of white wine. The portion sizes were just right for me as I am not a huge eater and as it was three courses I didn’t feel overwhelmed by it yet my husband who has a bigger appetite was very much filled up!

It was remarkable to be able to enjoy a beautifully cooked meal as we cruised along viewing all the sights, I know London fairly well but I have never viewed it from the River and it is something everyone must do! The weather was mild as it was April so we were able to, after we had finished lunch take a stroll to the outer viewing deck which was very gentle as it moved as I was still a little worried about travel sickness.

My husband brought his camera, he loves to take photos wherever we go and he was very pleased to get some beautiful photos of the Tower of London one of our favourite buildings. After a while of gazing at the sights as we went by we went back to have a coffee and again sat next to the window.

We found the commentary very interesting as it was not just simply stating facts about the buildings and places, it felt like the person who was given it really loved his job and the places we were viewing. He knew lots of facts we had never heard before and we also went past some sights I hadn’t seen such as Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

The boat arrived back on time which was again a bonus as it meant we wouldn’t be late for our train home.

We both felt the cruise was a wonderful chance to spend time together as a couple or even with your parents. In fact anyone would enjoy this, a chance to view London without all the traffic and people. The boat was also not filled with people which I was also worried about, there was a lot of space to be able to sit comfortably near people but with your own space.

We only had a few slightly negative points; one was the menu only had one choice it would be nice to have a choice of food, although you can tell them if you have any dietary issues. Another issue for us was that the cruise when we took it was only available Thursday-Sunday which is great for most people as they are not working on a weekend but my husband does work weekends and is off on a Tuesday and Wednesday, there are more days as the months go on.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £70

Available to buy from Buyagift here.

4 Star

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