Caboodle Fun and Funky Changing Bag Review


FunFunkyBlackCaboodleCaboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag

Reviewed by Emma Mourant

The Caboodle Fun and Funky changing bag comes in a variety of colours and patterns including spots, stars and plain. The real attraction of the bag for me was its size. We use reusable nappies and have in the past had to either pay a premium to have a customised bag made to accommodate our needs or struggled to get everything we have needed into other changing bags on the market. This bag allows plenty of room for everything you are likely to need. As my son has grown and started weaning I have had sufficient room in the bag to pack his lunch/snacks rather than having to take an additional picnic bag. The dimensions of the bag are 42cm wide x 33.5cm high x 16.5cm deep. It is plenty big enough to use as an overnight or hospital bag.

I was sent the plain black bag and although I prefer the patterned ones, the stars being my favourite, this design is very unisex and almost has a professional feel to it. On a practical level, it has been very easy to clean meaning it still looks new despite plenty of use. The adjustable shoulder strap ensures the bag can be carried comfortably and the metal rings it attaches to support the weight within the bag.


The bag contains five internal pockets making it easy to organise your things and find what you want in a hurry. The fifth compartment has a zip, which provides for some additional security perhaps for your mobile phone or money. There are also two good sized external pockets. The bag comes with a padded change mat which is small and portable whilst remaining comfortable for the baby. Also included was a waterproof bag intended for wet/dirty clothes. This is a great idea and one which is often overlooked. We used our “grubby bag” for our washable wipes as it was the perfect size. Everything has been thought about and included, added extras also include an insulated bottle bag.

In conclusion I love that this bag is so spacious whilst being durable and I have every faith it will stand the test of time. The bag retails at about £40 which I feel is money well spent.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £40

Available to buy from Caboodle Bags here.


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