Carnaby Street the Musical Review


Carnaby Street
The Musical

Reviewed by Dawn

We went to see Carnaby Street the Musical at the Manchester Opera House. Carnaby Street is set in the 60's and the story was based around the fashion industry then and the story of a Liverpudlian making it big in the music industry.

To be honest, although I was looking forward to going out, I didn't expect to enjoy it fantastically what with me being born in the 80's. I thought a lot of it would be before my time. Well how wrong was I! It was fantastic! The whole production, the cast and the storyline was mesmerising from start to end! The actors were fantastic and the dresses and outfits were fabulous!

Massive ratings for Verity Rushworth who played Penny Lane, she was fantastic the whole way through, and Paul Hazel who plays Lilly was just lovable and hilarious with eyelashes, and a figure to die for! I could not believe how much I enjoyed myself.

The theatre was full to the brim, and by the end of the show, the whole of the audience was on their feet dancing and singing along with the cast. The cast done a fantastic job with interacting with the audience and the atmosphere was just buzzing!

I would highly recommend Carnaby Street, for people of all ages and generations. A thoroughly enjoyable evening – not to be missed!!

Rating: 5/5

Caraby Street the Musical is currently on tour, for more details or to book tickets click here.

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