Chatham Childrens Deck Shoes Review


Chatham Children’s Deck Shoes

Reviewed by Lee-Anne McCarthy and Jack (aged 6)

I’ve always been a shoe fanatic however now as a mother its gone from a fascination with glamorous evening shoes and heels to a delight in finding the perfect pair of children’s shoes for my little ones feet. I accepted this review for Chatham children’s shoes with glee. I must however be honest this is not a shoe company I have ever had the pleasure in dealing with before. I spent some time looking at their website which was easy to navigate and use. Descriptions of products and services were clear and definitive for the customer. My only suggestion for the website would be a printable sizing diagram parents could use to ensure they were sizing the product correctly. My selection was made and I excitedly and eagerly awaited my delivery.

The product was delivered in excellent time. When the shoes arrived they were well packaged and wrapped ensuring their safe arrival. I selected a navy pair of deck shoes. Like a child on Christmas morning I unwrapped the shoes to find a gorgeous pair of navy leather skipper shoes with a cream and navy rubber sole. They were very sturdy to the touch and really looked like a smart tailored shoe. Jack was particularly impressed with the lining in the shoes the coloured ribbon was one that really caught his eye. Jack has a slightly awkward sized feet measuring at 11 and half I opted to purchase the size 12. This however does mean that this pair of shoes will be well worn for some time. Jack says that the shoes are very comfortable. They fit well and provide excellent support something I think is incredibly important for growing feet. 

I am very impressed with Chatham shoes both the company and the product. They aren’t a cheap shoe but these shoes are quality made, beautifully tailored and very comfortable to wear. These shoes are made to last and would enhance the wardrobe of any little gentleman. I would highly recommend them. I also have twin boys who will also be wearing Chatham navy skipper shoes just as soon as I make my second order. Jack and I give these shoes a dapper 4/5.

Rating: 4/5

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