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Reviewed by Jill Wilson

It feels like our 16month old daughter Elsa has been teething forever so I was delighted to be offered a Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew to review. The drooling, the red cheeks, shoving everything her mouth and general crankiness is especially bad at the moment so a dribble bib with a teether at the bottom seemed like a perfect idea.

There is a great choice of reversible Neckerchews designs to choose from. I selected one that has dinosaurs on one side and is plain green on the other for Elsa but for the more girly-minded there are Joules floral ones, butterflies and pink stripes. There is also a fab farm design and a funky stars one.

As soon as I put the Neckerchew around Elsa’s neck she started chomping down and it seemed to give her an instant relief. The bib is nice and thick and made of 3 layers so it is super absorbent for all the teething drool. Elsa wore the bib all day and was happy chewing on it intermittently – it even distracted her from trying to chew the metal of the supermarket trolley, which she often tries to do when her teeth are bad. We also had a comment from the checkout lady about her nice bib.

The Neckerchew has two lots of poppers so it is adjustable as your baby grows and I can imagine us getting plenty of use out of it (although I am hoping teething will be over soon!). It also washed fine at 40 degrees so there are no worries there.

At between £9.99 and £12.99 each I think the Neckerchews are reasonably priced, especially when you think about the combined price of a pretty dribble bib and a teether.

We have been extremely pleased with the Neckerchew, so much so that I have already ordered the farm one as gift for a friend’s new baby. I will be recommending it to anyone else whose baby is struggling with teething.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

RRP: £9.99 to £12.99

Available to buy from Cheeky Chompers here.


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