Cheese Adds A Certain Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi To Parties


As much as people like making fun of the French for their love of cheese, there is no denying that cheese belongs on the list of ingredients to a successful party. Indeed, for most hosts who enjoy a sophisticated lifestyle and delicate tastes, cheese is the thing that you certainly need on your table. But not any cheese, of course! With cheese, it’s as much about taste as it is about knowledge. You don’t serve mozzarella at the end of a meal, for example. It would be a blasphemy in the world of the cheese lovers. Mozzarella belongs with the main dish, or eventually the starter. In other words, knowing your cheese gives you a different social status. You are one of the social elite who appreciate the sophistication of simple things – say what you want, but cheeses have been around for thousands of years. It’s not a new trend, But it’s a social class knowledge that gives your parties the je-ne-sais-quoi they need.

The Art Of The Perfect Host

When you invite friends or your in-laws for dinner, you should definitely remember to add the cheese course to your menu. As the European restaurants do, the cheese course belongs between your main and your dessert. Get your best cheese board, some delicious cheese crackers and get ready to impress. As a rule of the thumb, you should present a minimum of three kinds of cheese, with at least one goat’s milk cheese so that you can vary the tastes. Additionally, it is best to offer one semi-hard cheese such as Cheddar or Emmental, one soft cheese, and one blue cheese such as Roquefort or Dolcelatte for example. And remember to bring your cheese knife!

Mastering The Art Of Surprise

If you are planning a different kind of party, let’s say a wedding, you need to ensure that cheese is part of the catering options. While it is often served along with grapes and a glass of wine,  you can also be looking at a cheese wedding cake option that will surprise your guests. A cheese wedding cake is a series of cheeses assembled in the shape of a wedding cake. You can be sure that, once the first moment of surprise has passed, your guests will love the idea. In fact, you may even find pictures of your cheese buffet on your favourite social media platform, #BestWeddingBuffetEver.

The Art Of Cooking

Everyone has heard about the cheese soufflé et most enthusiast cooks fear with. The main problem about the cheese soufflé is that, if it isn’t prepared properly, it falls at the bottom of the dish. But if you follow a recipe that is guaranteed to succeed, such as the one from an award-winning chef, you are sure not to fail. Imagine the face of your guests when you come out of the kitchen with a perfect cheese soufflé that is both light and delicious? You bet they’ll be impressed! More importantly, you’ll gain in one night only the status of masterclass kitchen chef. Because in the end, being able to handle your cheese properly is not only a sign of knowledge, but it’s also the sign of a sophisticated and talented individual.


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