ChillFactor Drinks Bottle Review


Reviewed by Louise Turton

My children (aged 10 and 4) were both delighted I had been chosen to review the ChillFactor Drinks Bottle, especially my daughter (aged 10) as she had seen some of her friends with them lately.

Always the pessimist I wondered quite how the bottle would perform the “amazing” task of turning their drinks into slush for them to enjoy!

The bottle itself is quite a good size and does indeed hold 600ml of your favourite drink, the instructions provided with the bottle on how to use are fairly straightforward to understand, the only downside to receiving the bottle was that my daughter had to freeze the cooling pack for 4-6 hours before being able to try it out, patience for a 10 year old with a new gadget is of course a rarity!! We left it in our freezer overnight, so by the next morning the suspense was very high to see if it would be successful at breakfast time.

Our first test was to chill some orange juice and after following the instructions we were all impressed with the results. After 15-20 seconds of squeezing the bottle we had ice cold juice and true to its description the juice had indeed started to turn into ice!!

The bottle we received was a vibrant, eye-catching pink when not in use, but as the reaction started the bottle turned purple to indicate the drink was chilling, another smart, clever feature that our children found fascinating and impressive. Its lid has either a sip spout or straw spout for drinking through. The sip spout was straightforward, and although my daughter at first struggled with the straw, after a little tweaking that was soon fully functional.

As an adult reviewer I would thoroughly recommend this bottle, I am a keen gym user and on the occasion I forget to chill my drink before going this could be a great addition to quickly cool my sports drinks for my kit bag (if I ever manage to prise it away from my two children).

My children would also like to add their own review. My daughter said the bottle was “Epic” and “Everything she hoped it would be”; my son described it as “Fantastic”, high praise indeed.

The ChillFactor drinks bottle can most reassuringly be described as a 5 star item, I would without hesitation most definitely recommend to friends and family.

Rating: 5/5

RRP: £12.99

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