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ChocolateProseccoStrawberriesChocolate Prosecco and Strawberries

Reviewed by Julie Jessup

I was very excited to be chosen to review some beautiful items from the wonderful gift website Not on the High Street. I am a fan of theirs and purchase a lot from them. I know I am always going to receive quality and unusual goodies.

The Chocolate Prosecco and Strawberries arrived in a lovely box with exquisite packaging. The strawberries looked delicious in a beautiful punnet and we could not wait to try them. I dished them out to my husband, daughter and of course two for me. The taste was amazing. just as good as they looked. They were made from white Belgium chocolate with a strawberry flavour. They were full bodied but not too rich. They were smooth on the palette. One strawberry was enough as you got 5 bites from one. You could taste, smell and feel they were good quality, all my bodily senses were happy.

The prosecco was so well made at first I thought it was an actual bottle of alcohol. It was made from solid white handmade Belgium chocolate layered with a small taste of strawberries. It was that solid there was no way I could bite through it. I tried to use one of my knives and still could not cut through it, so I had to use a very sharp knife to cut slivers off, this did make some of the chocolate flake. You only needed a small piece to get that chocolate fix! This was more for a white chocolate lover and I feel a bit more of the strawberry flavouring could have been added. It was still very pleasant.

We all sat making noises of pure pleasure whilst eating our wonderful chocolate.

If it is chocolate you are after I would urge you to try this, you will not be disappointed.  It also has an amazing shelf life of a year, if you can keep it that long!!!

It would make a fabulous gift or a special treat for yourself.

I would give this product 4/5 stars. The only reason it did not get 5 is because how difficult it was to bite through the solid chocolate. Also, the prosecco chocolate needed a bit more strawberry flavour.

Rating: 4/5

RRP: £18

Available to buy from Not on the High Street here.

4 Star

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