Christmas is Coming Gift Giving Review

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Reviewed by Rosemary Knight

In our home, we absolutely love everything about Christmas, decorating the tree, meeting up with friends and family and more than anything we love giving and receiving beautiful Christmas presents.

My husband, Alan, is quite difficult to buy presents for. He doesn’t drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or eat many chocolates and always seems to get the usual clothes or fragrance gift sets, so I was delighted to receive a sensational Levi’s Vintage Wallet from Mainline Menswear to review (RRP: £40). Alan loves high quality goods, so I knew that he would be very happy to receive the Levi’s vintage wallet as his Christmas gift. This beautiful brown leather wallet comes packaged in a smart, glossy red metal container which can be reused for storage for his keys, change and other bits and bobs. The wallet itself is made from genuine nubuck leather and is very luxurious. It feels soft and supple and is very attractive and pleasing to the eye. There is plenty of storage space with pockets on either side for credit cards, a double bill compartment for notes and also a coin pocket with a press stud fastening, which is essential to keep track of all that loose change instead of having it jangling about in his pocket. It is extremely well manufactured and looks durable, so I’m sure that it will last for many years. The wallet measures 10cms by 22cms when fully open so it is quite roomy, but when folded in half it will fit easily into his back pocket. The iconic Levi Strauss & Co. emblem featuring the two horses pulling a pair of jeans is stamped onto the front of the wallet, making it look chic and trendy. This is a very desirable gift, perfect for men who like to be pampered and I’m sure that my husband will be extremely pleased when he receives it on Christmas Day.

Overall, this is a great present and I would recommend it to someone who wants to treat the man in their life at Christmas time.

I love giving skincare products to my friends and family as Christmas gifts, but I am always careful that any products are as natural as possible. I received a bottle of Conscious Skincare Lemon and Rosewood Hand Lotion (RRP: £11) to review. In the cold winter months, our hands become dry and chapped, so we all need a good quality hand lotion to protect our delicate skin. All of my family have extremely sensitive skin and we have to be careful when trying new products as we have had adverse reactions many times in the past, so it is very reassuring that all Conscious Skincare items are chemical free.

My granddaughter, Sophie is vegetarian and is totally opposed to animal testing. This hand lotion would be a perfect gift for her as all products from Conscious Skincare have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and Cruelty Free International. All the ingredients are plant based, organic and fair trade, which is extremely important to my granddaughter.

The hand lotion contains 250ml of beautiful naturally scented lotion and comes in a recyclable bottle with a separate pump action dispenser, so it is environmentally friendly. This lotion is hand made in Wales and is specially formulated to care naturally for your skin, whilst keeping it moisturised and smooth. I’m sure that my granddaughter will love this hand lotion. It would make an ideal Christmas present for someone like her who is passionate about the world and our environment, but likes to be pampered with beautiful skincare products.

On Christmas Day, my family all congregate to my house for a huge dinner and afterwards we like to relax and watch television and then play games. I received a selection of games from Coiledspring Games, which will be perfect for playing with my family or for giving as presents.

Anomia (RRP: £12.49) is a card game to be played by 3-6 players and is aimed at 10 years plus and can be enjoyed by groups of pensioners, teenagers or indeed people of most age groups who like playing games. Anomia is a card game where you need to be able to think quickly and shout out the answers. We had so much fun playing this, laughing and just generally being very silly. This is definitely a game to be played and enjoyed time and time again.

Tumble Tree (RRP: £14.99) is a game for 2-4 players over 6 years old so it is ideal for playing with my grandchildren who are a dab hand at games of dexterity. Cards have to be placed carefully on the trunk of the baobab tree, building the foliage, without knocking any of the leaves off. The use of the tin for the trunk of the tree is a good idea as it is easy to keep the set together without losing any of the game pieces. The rules are very simple and the game can easily be adapted so that it is suitable for slightly younger children to enjoy playing. We really enjoyed playing this as a family and it would make a lovely gift for families with young children.

Tantrix Game Pack (RRP: £19.99) contains over 30 puzzles and 2 multi-player strategy games and is tremendous fun to play. The aim of the Tantrix Game is quite simple and involves using the tiles to form a longer loop than your opponent. You can make up your own rules as you go along or even make pretty patterns with the tiles so the game is suitable for all ages. The game is contained in an attractive portable case with a handle so it would make an ideal travel companion. I really love this game as it is so versatile. It is extremely educational and teaches colour recognition and encourages children to take turns and share. I will definitely be giving the Tantrix Game Pack as a Christmas gift to my younger grandchildren who are aged 4 and 7 and would recommend it to all families, who will have great fun playing this.

I also received a selection of appealing gift sets from Creightons which will make super stocking fillers for my daughters or even a Secret Santa gift. The Feather and Down Sleep Essentials Kit contains 16g of sleep balm and 50ml each of pillow spray, shower cream and body butter in a stylish box and would be perfect for taking on a trip away. I am going on holiday quite soon so I will probably keep this attractive set for myself as I always have difficulty in dropping off to sleep in a strange bed and I’m sure that this Sleep Matters gift set will help me to relax. This product has been blended with lavender and chamomile essential oils which encourages a restful night’s sleep and relaxation and is also delightfully fragranced. The kit is beautifully packaged in a navy blue cardboard box, decorated with golden stars and would make a very attractive gift for anyone, young or old.

I also received an Emma Bridgewater Hand Cream Trio from Creightons containing three 35ml tubes of beautiful scented hand cream, attractively packaged in a cream cardboard box covered with multi coloured polka dots. Feels Like Home Hand Cream is a delightful mix of camomile, lavender and orange blossom and smells wonderful. Wallflowers Hand Cream is blended with rich cocoa and shea butter and is intensely moisturising as well as being beautifully scented. True Love and Roses Hand Cream is fragranced exactly as the name suggests, with the lovely perfume of freshly cut roses. The Hand Cream Trio Gift Set would make a perfect gift for anyone, old or young as we all need to keep our hands moisturised especially in the cold winter weather. The tubes are just the right size to pop into a handbag, so there is no need to carry around bulky tubes of hand cream. This gift looks very attractive, with Emma Bridgewater’s signature country style decoration on the packaging and I would be delighted to give or receive this set as a Christmas present.

The third gift set which I received from Creightons was a Kate Humble Natural Beauty Hand Cream Set containing 75ml each of Rose and Frankincense and Sweet Pea and Verbena Hand Cream. The set contains two tubes of delightful cream which apart from having a beautiful fragrance, are natural and biodegradable in every respect, which is extremely important to me. The ingredients are locally sourced from the UK and contain no parabens or SLS. What I also really love about this gift set is that it is so intensely perfumed that even the cardboard box is aromatic. My hands are beautifully scented just by holding the outer packaging, without even opening the cream inside. The hand cream has a rich texture and absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any residue, leaving hands feeling soft and moisturised. This is one Christmas gift which I would really love to receive for myself as it ticks all the right boxes, being so environmentally friendly whilst being incredibly luxurious too.

I am extremely happy with the selection of gift ideas which I received to review. Each one would make a lovely Christmas present to give to my family and friends.

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