Circus of Horrors: The Never-Ending Nightmare at The Hawth Review


COHNeverEdingNightmareCircus of Horrors: The Never-Ending Nightmare
The Hawth, Crawley

6 March 2017

Reviewed by Emma Booth

Me and my partner got the chance to go and see the Circus of Horrors: The Never-Ending Nightmare that was showing for one night at The Hawth theatre in Crawley.

I have only heard of the show as being on Britain’s Got Talent so was really excited to be going. We took our seats in the stalls with a great view not far from the stage and a few minutes later it began. It begins with a man who reminds me of a panto dame, he was very camp and very crude, so for those easily offended this isn’t a show for you, but he was absolutely hilarious and had the entire audience in stitches.

Throughout the show the music was played by the few musicians on stage and was brilliant, if you love rock music you love this. For me, the guitarist really stood out.

The show was made up of various acts some magic, some bizarre and some just downright crazy. The magic acts were simple but superbly done, even now I’m left thinking how was that done. I won’t spoil it by saying too much but I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed going to see this. There is a real mixture of performers, there is also nudity and what that dwarf does with the Hoover, well I’ll leave that to your imagination. For those reasons, it’s advised as a 16+ show.

We had such a good evening and thoroughly enjoyed the show from start to finish and as always, The Hawth theatre is a lovely place to catch a show. There is ample free parking and it’s very easy to find with lovely staff and a great for variety of shows.

I would highly recommend this theatre and the Circus of Horrors.

Rating: 5/5 thumbs_up

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