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The British moan don’t we? Too cold, too hot and my bum is too big. But what about when we buy faulty goods or receive bad service? Generally speaking, most of us just don’t got back to that restaurant where we got a bad meal and might take an item back when it is faulty but give up when we are told we can have a repair or a credit note and not a full refund.

HelenHelen Dewdney is The Complaining Cow and writes a blog on how to complain effectively. She refuses to accept poor service and asserts her legal rights regularly. She says “I think it is really important to stand up for your rights and get your full refund and further redress where appropriate.” Many companies for example will tell you that you have to complain to the manufacturer if an item is faulty. This is incorrect. Helen advises that this is a clear breach of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. Your contract is with whom you gave the money and made the contract. If the item is not of satisfactory quality then you are entitled to a full refund.

Many people have turned to Helen on social media requesting help with various companies who won’t give refunds. “It is amazing how quickly and easily the company pays up when the applicable Law is quoted. It is appalling that so many companies still have a philosophy of trying it on with customers.” There are of course many good companies out there too but it would appear that more have a long way to go in their customer service.

It is the same with any kind of service. The Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 states that you are entitled to services to be carried out with reasonable skill and care. Quite simply, if it hasn’t been then seek redress.

It is important to be polite when making complaints. Helen also advises that you keep good evidence/records of communication, write/email where possible so that you have a better record that can be proven rather than telephone calls and take the matter further if necessary such as the CEO and/or the Ombudsman relevant for your complaint.

Helen Dewdney is The Complaining Cow championing consumer rights. She provides advice on how to complain as well as relive her successes on her own blog as well as guest blogging on other sites. She has appeared on BBC Breakfast as a blogger and a consumer rights campaigner, Radio 5 as an Expert in How to Complain and various other local radio and media.

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