Cooking Up Something New! Four Steps To Improve Your Kitchen


This time of year, chances are you’re probably spending a lot of time in your kitchen – or you’re planning to, at least, over the festive period! That means that you’re probably noticing a thousand things that are wrong with your kitchen. The things that seem irritating but bearable somehow seem magnified and a hundred times worse when you’re faced with preparing a huge Christmas dinner for your nearest and dearest. Although it’s difficult, inconvenient and expensive to replace your whole kitchen, here are a few tips to make it prettier and more functional until you manage to redesign the whole thing in your own style.

Change Your Cabinets

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Of course, for many of us it won’t be possible to redo all our kitchen cabinets! That’s a lot of money plus a lot of time with our kitchens out of order. But if you’re really sick of the way that your cabinets look, why don’t you redo them? Look online for tutorials so you can learn how to sand them down and repaint them a different colour. Go for pale green or blue for farmhouse chic, or white or pale grey if you’re going for something a little more modern and minimalist. You could also look online for new handles and knobs to install in your cabinets, to give them a completely new look.

Improve Your Lighting

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Sure, it’s extreely important to be able to see properly in your kitchen – otherwise cooking might prove to be a little hazardous. So you should definitely ensure that you have bright white lighting directly overhead of your surfaces, so you can see exactly what you’re doing when you’re chopping vegetables and preparing meat. But equally, if you use your kitchen as a dining room as well, white lights don’t really make for a convivial, warm atmosphere. Instead, go for some lower golden lights or maybe a stand up lamp. If you want to splash out, go for a bespoke lighting design so you can create the exact lighting scheme of your dreams.

Change Your Storage

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One of the biggest problems that many of us have with our homes is storage, and your kitchen is probably no different. Even if you’ve upscaled your cabinets (see above!) you might be having problems finding what you need when you need it. You could go for pull out drawers instead of cabinets with shelves, and you could also install shelves on your walls so you can put ingredients in labelled mason jars. That means you can grab them when you need them – and it’ll also give your space a cool, hipster vibe.

Add A Herb Garden

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If you don’t have space or time for your own vegetable garden, then a herb garden will give you a similar level of satisfaction. There’s nothing like growing your own herbs and using them in your cooking instead of buying a wilted sheaf of basil leaves! Put plant pots along your windowsill where they can get a little sunlight and it’s easy for you to water them. Go for chives, mint, basil and oregano initially.

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