Create A Home Office To Maximise Your Productivity


Whenever you work from home, you’ll always find something else to do. There are distractions, household chores, pets and people to interrupt you too. Somehow the day drags on into the evening, and you’ll find you’re still working late at night. What you need is a dedicated space you can call your office. Here, the hours suit you, but when you walk out of the room, you’re back at home doing those homely things.

Many people choose to take over a spare bedroom, especially if the house is quite small. A lick of paint, some new window dressing, a desk and an office chair might be all you need. Add a few personal touches, and a secure cabinet to keep any paperwork that might be sensitive. This could become a productive hub where you can shut out all the distractions, and focus deeply on the work task at hand.

Of course, basements, lofts, and even the odd corner of the living room are all ripe for conversion. This may take a little longer to complete though. If you have a long living room, why not erect an interior wall to create a partitioned section for an office? This is fine if you have a second door! If you don’t, you may need to smash through a wall and create a doorway. Alternatively, when you erect the new wall, include a doorway for access from the living room. This kind of work may need a building regulations notification. Your builder can usually manage this on your behalf.

If you have a large enough garden, you might be able to build an office! Websites like show you the wide range of garden buildings available right now that might suit your needs. It doesn’t need to be big if there is only you working from home. Just imagine the view while you work! A wooden garden room could be a lot more attractive than a garage too. As it is built for the purpose, you should be a lot more comfortable too. Most wooden buildings don’t require any planning permission, so this should save you a task. You can check at websites like to see what you need for your project. Don’t forget, you will need a qualified electrician to run you some power over there safely.

Conversions of basements and lofts take a bit longer to arrange. You must ensure there is appropriate natural light sources and ventilation for your purpose. This is why you may need planning permission for this kind of project. Speak to your local authority. Sometimes a precedent must be evident. Still, if you can get permission and it is within your budget, you may be adding value to your property by converting these spaces.

Creating a home office is a really good idea if you want to increase your productivity. It can provide you with a quiet and dedicated space that fires the imagination and inspires you to be more creative too. Once you have the space, consider decorating it in colours that aid creative thinking and productivity too. Happy working.

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