Cuddle Bear Review


Cuddle Bear
by Claire Freedman and Gavin Scott

Reviewed by Erica Bourn

Cuddles and hugs with my little one's are the best, and is you ever need an excuse to sneak an extra few then this is the book for you.  

'Cuddle Bear' is the latest offering from popular children's author Claire Freedman, beautifully illustrated by Gavin Scott. It charts the story of Cuddle Bear, a pre-school super hero as it were, who comes to the aid of various animal around the globe who are in need of a hug; parachuting to a Penguin, scooting to a Panda and even coming to the rescue of a misunderstood Lion who has never smiled as he had never felt the warmth of a hug.

I would suggest that the book is primarily aimed at pre-schoolers, and has easily to follow rhyming verse. As my two youngest cannot yet voice their feedback, I was assisted by my 5 year old in road testing the book. He enjoyed the sweet story and bright and clear illustrations. Once finished he asked to read the book to his younger brother and sister which he did ably with the clear large font, complete with demonstrating hugs to them in the right places – quite priceless!

I am sure that the book will become a bedtime favourite with my younger two. Please be aware though that hugs are not included… although I bet you will end up the lucky recipient of plenty reading this book with your children. What better reason to buy?

I would rate 4.5/5 for pre-schoolers – a board book version would be a great addition for the target audience.

RRP: £5.99 for the paperback version (if you can put a price on cuddles?)

Rating: 4.5/5

Available to buy from Amazon here.

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